Is your vision of success up to date?

This past week I watch the new hit cable show “The Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman.  This segment was on the concept of time.   I won’t go into the discussion about time though I was happy to hear scientists describe reality.  One scientist in an effort to explain time first defined reality as a series of mental image pictures that we have about reality.  Those pictures are constantly manifesting what we perceive.  Heady stuff but none the less affirms what I know intuitively, thoughts are powerful.  They create our reality.  It is hard to analyze but easy to see intuitively.

This is why I work so much with my clients to develop their vision of success (mental image pictures of success) because that is what will manifest.   Another way of saying it is, if you cannot imagine it then it cannot manifest.

The most difficult part is to know the difference between thoughts about what you want versus a vision of your  being successful.   Thoughts are literal so thinking about what you want is translated as something you do not have.  Your reality then becomes “wanting” and “not having”.  This is not logical but it is very intuitive.

All my clients want something that is why they come to me.  “How do I achieve my goals?” “I am doing all the right things but it is not happening.”   My immediate response is “What is your vision?”  “Now what are your thoughts about that vision.”    If their vision is clear (I want to have a successful printing company) but it is seen as something outside themselves (wanting not having) it will not happen.  Or if I want to have a successful printing company then the thought in the back of their mind is “but I don’t think it will happen” then they are left with wanting and not happening.

My best advice is to take the time to meditate to quiet the fear in the body and the noise in your mind.  Quiet your body and clear your mind then begin to imagine yourself being successful in the way that you desire. Keep meditating and do it often until you can see this vision clearly.

Next clear your thinking about this vision.  Release any thoughts, emotions, doubts, etc. that are in the way of seeing your vision manifesting.  Do this and experience a miracle?  But don’t do it just once.  Make meditation a tool you can use to continue to create the reality that you desire.

Best wishes on your success,



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