An Inspired Life

Our theme for this year is to be inspired. That means something different to each of us, and it is important to know what that means to you.

Too often, we just go through our day and routine without a second thought. We wonder why we do not have one thing or another in our lives. Consider this – where we place our attention that is being created. If our focus is on our routine, then our routine is being created and nothing new. Do not think about this; instead, be intuitive about it.

An inspired life does not mean anything needs to be perfect. Instead, begin by thinking of inspiration in its simplest terms. For me, it can be any experience in nature, a conversation with a new person, a book, pushing myself, and my list could go on. What is your list? It matters.

Knowing what inspires us moves our attention off our routine onto something that creates a reaction in body, mind, and spirit. It can be simple and subtle but don’t let it be fleeting. What if we are always looking for inspiration in our lives?

We do not necessarily have to change our routine or what we do in our lives. We can change our experience of it by seeing inspiration or being inspired by what we do. We can also get out of our routine, have new experiences, and feel inspired by them.

When we care about being inspired, we change our lives in remarkable ways. How will your day and life be different when you focus on being inspired in simple and not so simple ways?


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