Imagine Big!

    Imagine Big! was the theme of last month’s meditations. The goal was for each person to open to their true vision of themselves and their work.  For some it meant changing their perspective on what they are doing and for others it meant changing course and committing to their dream.

As an intuitive I have seen that most of us do what we are good at, have been successful with or fell into.  Then there are those who go within to remember their true passion, their dream job or work then take a deep breath and commit to making it happen.  Both choices need your attention, focus and hard work so why not choose to focus your life force energy on creating what you have always wanted.  We don’t do this because change is scary.

Here is a brief summary of one woman’s journey back to her true passion.

Kathy, an interior designer, signed up for intuitive mentoring with me because while she was very successful working for a prestigious company, she longed to pursue her lifelong passion as an artist.  We agreed the mentoring sessions would be focused on making this happen.  I could see intuitively this was going to be a tough transition because all the energy of validation and success in her space from years of successful interior design work.  It was going to make it hard to let that go and step into the unknown. She was willing and eager.

After a few mentoring sessions Kathy declared that she did not want to give up interior design and could she do both.  I saw intuitively how letting go of all that was familiar was making her very uncomfortable in her body. I also saw this was her way of working through this bright yellow energy in her heart.

Kathy did all the right things to move her interior design business forward even signed up for a class to write a business plan.  In that class she realize she wanted to write a business plan for her art business and presented this to her class mentor.  He told her, “You cannot make a living being an artist. It is better to get a job.”  Invalidated by that communication Kathy changed the business plan to develop her interior design company.  At the end of the class each student was to present their  plan to the class.  Kathy stood up and realized that she could not do it.   The business plan for a successful interior design company was not what she wanted though completely doable because of her experience, contacts and resources.  It was at that moment she committed to her original vision of being an artist and created an art business.

In our most recent mentoring session Kathy told the business plan story, that she was ready to create the art business and wanted our mentoring sessions to focus on that.  She was scared.  Her energy was also electric with the passion of the work she truly wants to do.  Kathy developed her plan with concrete steps as a way of managing all the uncertainty.

Imagining Big! can mean simply committing to the path you have always wanted to take or it can mean stepping off the train you are on then stepping onto the path of your desire.   I remind all my clients, “It is never too late and you are never too old to create the change you desire.”

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Recordings of the series on Imagine Big!    Intuitive business or professional mentoring sessions.  Weekly meditations.

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