Goals Do Not Create Success

   Most business owners and professionals take the time to decide their goals.  Some even write them down.  From my experience working as an intuitive business consultant, goals do not achieve success!

You can write and achieve goals all day long and never manifest your vision of success.  Manifesting success begins with having a clear vision of what this is.  Once you have a clear vision then you are ready to create goals that support your vision.  Goals without a vision is simply a way to discipline yourself or create tasks.

Knowing how to visualize is key.  To visualize means to see in your mind’s eye or imagine.   If you are thinking about what you want then you are not visualizing.  Thinking and visualizing are different sides of the brain and create different results.

Steps to visualize:

  • Take the time to be quiet.  I recommend meditation but simply sitting quietly with your eyes closed is enough.
  • Relax and clear your mind.  Stop thinking.
  • Breathe deeply throughout to relax and release.
  • Begin to imagine.  What is your grandest vision for yourself, your business or your work?  Don’t fantasize.  Imagine or see your business or your work precisely as you would like it to be.
  • Keep clearing your thinking.  Releasing tension. Opening to your ability to see clearly.

This may not be so easy at first.  Do this often until you can see your vision clearly knowing that if you cannot imagine it then it cannot happen.  See your vision as the blue print for what you are creating. This may not be logical but if you do this practice you will see immediate results.

Next Blog will be on how to create and use goals from an intuitive perspective.

If you would like help with learning to visualize please make a mentoring appointment with me and I will guide you.

Best wishes on your success,



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