I Don’t Have

Be careful what you declare or as the saying goes “be careful what you pray for”.  Recently an employee of one of my clients, Clare, quit suddenly.  The employee was very angry for no clear reason but did accuse my client of being wealthy.  Clare heard herself saying in defense, “I’m not wealthy!”.    When Clare relayed this conversation I knew she would experience a hit to her income that week and she did.  So what happened.

From an intuitive perspective it was a perfect example of what happens when a company decides to make a change.  I had worked with Clare on her vision of growing her company by 30% each of the next two years.  It may be surprising but her vision and her plan are completely doable in her industry and the way she positioned her services.  So far this year her company has already grown 20%.  Her business plan was right on target to meet her goal by the end of the year.

When a company changes its vision, its business plan and its goals this has an impact on everyone in the company both practically and on an energy level.  Every company has an energy level.  We feel it and experience it when we interact with them as a customer, vendor, contractor, etc.   If we like the energy (and this may be not be entirely conscious on our part) then we continue our relationship with them.  If we do not then we move on.

In this scenario, the employee was experiencing many personal conflicts among them financial.  Clare was supporting her in every way she could, knowing that she could not solve an employee’s personal issues.   As Clare changed the energy of her company to grow financially by 30% this year it vibrated in the space of this employee.  It made her uncomfortable because the energy in her personal life was the complete opposite.  She was creating “not having” money.

As an intuitive I watch the energy in everyone’s space to see if it supports or gets in the way of achieving goals.  I was not surprised when Clare told me the story of her employee quitting in anger.  The anger was directed at Clare’s “havingness” for financial success because it made the employee uncomfortable because she was creating the opposite.  She was creating not having.   This may not be logical but it is very intuitive.

While Clare is not wealthy at the moment it is her vision and her energy is set to create wealth. When she declared, “I am not wealthy!” she invalidated her vision.  Not coincidentally her income dropped 30% for that week.  I reminded her that words are creative.   She realized this as well and reset her vision of success (wealth).

In the end Clare reached out to the employee offering her the opportunity to continue to work with the company knowing the vision of growth.   Clare owned her vision of wealth and success as she spoke to her former employee who she valued.  In the end the employee returned understanding the success of the company and now being in agreement to support that success.  I saw intuitively this employee will change her personal financial situation by matching the energy of success in this company.

This was a great experience for both owner and employee.  Clare was able to look intuitively at the situation to gain greater understanding and awareness.  This experience helped her grown in her understanding of her vision of success.

Take the time to look intuitively as situations in your workplace and how you might grow in your success.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


One thought on “I Don’t Have

  1. It’s only a matter of time until the employee will eventually come into conflict again with the situation, if she has not consciously made the decision to work her energy for ‘havingness’ – that’s one side.
    On the other side, this employer did not trust ‘universal’ timing and is holding onto this employee because she made the decision to limit her growth in wealth. It may have been best to release her and allow some fresh, new energy to come in. Wow! When I see the energy, I see she could have exceeded her goal if she allowed the opportunity for change–but she decided to pass by pleading for the employee to stay.


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