Making Real Changes!

We are ending the first month of the new year, a year of promises and commitments but how much has changed?   This is not a mystery.  It is a function of our commitment to change.

Everything we do, our routine, how we think, etc. is creating our lives, our work and our business precisely as we are experiencing it now.  If we want something new, a goal, a vision then something has to change!

Thoughts Are Creative

This change can begin with what we think or believe.   Thoughts are powerful.  I cringe when I listen to some of my clients whose thoughts are filled with what is not working or their fears about what won’t work.  They don’t realize that those thoughts are creating their reality.  They are creating what they don’t want!

On the other hand those who have a strong vision of their goals and can see it happening are directing their energy to manifest that vision.  It’s a miracle!  Not really a miracle but it is how we create reality.

Aware in the Moment

It is hard to create change when we unconsciously go through our usual routines in what we do, how we are in our work, how we react and not respond, etc.  Making real change comes from being conscious and aware in each moment.  It begins with being aware of yourself and what you are being now.    Notice if you are creating the change you want or are you in a pattern that is routine, responding to someone else’s demands, distracted and not different from before.

Be The Creator

Most believe that stuff just happens.  Few are aware of their ability to create reality.  I know this is not logical that does not mean that it is not real.  Making real change requires having a clear vision of the outcome you desire then direct your energy and attention for this to manifest.


Take the time to stop, clear your mind (get out of your mind), quiet the body (stop reacting) and go within to listen to yourself.  Where are you now and what do you want to create now?  What can you change to manifest your vision for 2011.

Meditate on your vision.  See it clearly (imagine it).  Change your energy level to determination.  See your vision manifesting.

Best wishes on your success,   Kay Robinson


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