Don’t Start Your Day

What if I said, “Don’t start your day.” Most of us have our day already in our minds before it even starts. As a result, we are ahead of ourselves, falling into our thoughts, the beliefs we hold, and taking things as they come. Most of this is done unconsciously. One client described it as feeling she is on the back end of everything.

Man in Meditaiton
Finding Perspective

Try a different approach. What if you started with yourself? Before you start your day, place your attention on yourself. Notice how you are doing. Notice your frame of mind and more. Now take a deep breath, relax, and let go of all of that.

Before you start your day:

  1. Take the time to focus on yourself.
  2. Relax, release, and breathe.
  3. Be present. In the moment.
  4. Clear your thinking.
  5. Know how you want to be today. 
  6. Imagine how you want to experience yourself. 

Be mindful, thoughtful, and intentional.

Once you have imagined how you want to experience yourself, now you are ready to change how you will approach and experience your day.


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