We Get What We Believe

There are no coincidences, and we should not be surprised about how others respond to us. They are simply giving us what we expect. Do not think of this logically. Let’s be intuitive about this.

We are always holding a picture or energy in our space based on our thinking.
People are intuitive whether they realize it or not. They see the picture or the energy in our space and give us that. For example, if you are afraid that people will ignore you in an important meeting. Your energy is set in resistance or acceptance of this happening. Holding a picture of being ignored tells people to ignore you.

On the other, you may decide to reconcile with old friends and create a new positive relationship. You hold this positive reconciliation picture and energy in your space. When they see you, if inclined, they will match your positive energy and picture to reconcile

There are other considerations. We all have free will. In the first example, someone in the meeting may have a different and stronger picture. Their picture may be to meet you and find out more. Now it is up to you to be open to that possibility.

In the second example, it is also possible that someone holds a different picture. They are not interested in a positive relationship. That is ok because that person does not match your picture and a new relationship is not possible. Someone else who is attracted to your vision and energy will show up.

My final example is a common one. You want to have more money than you need. More for what you want. The stronger picture in your space and the energy you hold is that you cannot have the money you need or want. The universe is always giving us what we declare. In this case, the universe will let you want money but not have it.

So the message here is, be careful what you hold in your space. The experiences you have are a reflection of the pictures and the energy you hold in your space. Change your pictures and energy to change your reality. Start today. Decide how to think and feel about something you do want.

There are no coincidences. We are constantly getting what we believe. None of this is logical. It is intuitive.


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