It’s Not About Goals

Helping people to achieve their goals is my life’s work. I’ve studied people and watched my clients achieve those goals. I’ve learned that achieving goals is not the goal.

I heard from my clients over the years that they achieved the goals we set. They thought that would make them happy. What’s missing? I decided to use the same approach we used to achieve goals but instead, I had them focus on the life they want and not on a goal to achieve.

This approach changed everything. It focuses on the right thing – the life we desire. Most people find they do not know the answer to that question at first. Maybe you don’t know it either. To know the life you desire, find time to get quiet, to close your eyes, to go within,  go to  your core (your heart). Reflect (meditate) on the life they desire. 

When you know what that is and can see it clearly in your mind’s eye, it is manifesting. Seeing it clearly in your mind’s eye is the key. Meditate regularly to stay focused on what matters.

Thinking about it is not nearly as effective as SEEING it – imaging yourself living that life. As you focus on the life you desire, live that way starting now. Your actions and decisions change. How you see yourself every day begins to align with the vision of the life you desire. 

Gradually, your reality begins to change. The life you desire reveals itself and manifests. This may not be logical, but it is a very intuitive way to create.


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