Story of Consultation: Determination

A client created the most amazing miracle, and he was not the first to do so. This is a story about not letting perceived limits get in the way.

This client, Fred, has been in the film/commercial industry in one capacity then another for some time. In December, Fred attended a vendor meeting in NYC at one of the largest ad agencies. The Creative Director told the vendors about a goal for their upcoming ad campaigns. Fred listened and took notes. The Creative Director’s idea had never been done, and everyone knew it was a challenge.

In January, Fred called the Creative Director and found that no production company yet was willing to take on the challenge. Fred declared that he was ready to bid on the project. Fred was not concerned that he had no experience in this modality. Fred knew he could create a team of the best in the field to work with him on the project. The challenge was to convince this agency that he could do it and do it well.

Everyone in the industry told him it was not possible. He did not have experience, and no one had done this work before. The technology to pull it off had never been used in this way. They piled more and more energy and limits into Fred’s space. I could see the effect others’ thoughts, programming, and energy had on him. I worked with Fred to clear his space to see his vision, stay focused, and not be affected by others’ perceived limits.

With determination, Fred submitted the bid and went through many negotiations. He worried as he found others had submitted proposals as well. We worked to keep his vision, to clear the pictures and concepts that created doubt in his space.

Fred was awarded the project and created an outstanding team of experts who dared to work with someone new in this arena. In the end, their work made advertising history and opened doors to other opportunities. It was a miracle!

As an intuitive business consultant, I often see our thinking, fears, and others talk us out of achieving our goals. I see business owners decide not to take a risk even when an opportunity presents itself! The pathway to success means taking time to clear our thinking, release the fear, stay focused and determined.

When a boulder falls on the path you are walking, don’t stop! Find a way around it or climb over it, then continue toward your goal.


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