Forget Goals & Experience Something New

Once again, it’s that time when we look at the upcoming year. Cycles are part of life, and this is our annual cycle. Traditionally, it’s a time to set goals that we may or may not remember or achieve. For most of us, responsibilities determine where our attention goes and how we focus. Routine is another goal buster, and we are set in our routine whether we enjoy it or not. Sounds like the same old, same old.

What if you decided to raise your vibration this year to try and do new things? Notice that I did not mention goals. We are so programmed to focus on goals that they make us unconscious as we go through our routine. What if this year we focus on experiencing ourselves in a new way? What if we decided to experience a new aspect of our lives?

So, forget about goals and focus on yourself. What inspires you? Do that. What would you like to try that is new to you? Try it. Is there something in you that you want to experience? Experience it. Is there a challenge you want to take on? Take it on.

To do this means getting out of our routines, putting our responsibilities in their proper perspective, noticing what takes up our time, and make new decisions.

You will find that experiencing yourself will lead you to the life you desire just by enjoying and inspiring yourself every day. Decide to lead your life rather than your life leading you.


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