Have Gratitude for Success

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This past week we invited Lynne Twist, the author of  “The Soul of Money”, to speak.  I read her book years ago and am still reflecting on her perspective that every decision we make is based on “Will this make me money?” or “Will this cost me money?”  We are so programmed by money that in the back of our mind we are always weighing these two thoughts.  Yikes!  Is that really what we want?

Stop Striving

On Thursday Lynne focused on other aspects of money that I want to share with you.  She suggested that we let go of trying to get more to free up our creative energy so that we can simply create more.  She suggested that we pay attention to what we have, be grateful, make a difference with it and see our world change.  This is not at all logical but it is very intuitive.

Have Gratitude

Lynne’s primary message was one of gratitude and gratefulness.  These are two energy levels that create a different outcome than being focused on the energy of scarcity and lack. We can focus on having what we need and want or we can focus on our fear of not having.  It is our choice, our free will.

What do you choose?

I was working with a business owner yesterday who realizes that her company goes up and down based on where she is in her focus and her thinking.  Since we started our coaching relationship a month ago her business is up 12% so now she feels empowered.  Even with evidence of her ability to create a successful business she has in the back of her mind fears that it will fail.  I pointed out the choice she was presenting herself.  She can place her attention on gratitude for what she is creating and see herself continuing to create OR she can place her attention on her fears.  Which would you choose?

Thoughts About Money

What would happen if we changed our thinking about money?  Try these steps and see what happens to your reality?

  • Let go of striving and trying so hard to have money
  • Clear your thinking about money, i.e. lack, not enough
  • Have a clear vision of what you are creating
  • Be grateful for what you have already created
  • Have gratitude for what you have now
  • Have gratitude for what you are creating

Please share your thoughts about money.  There is so much to say about this.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Be Irresistible!

sc00002dfeOne thing is for sure. You cannot be successful alone. I have seen so many people try. Even those who promote their success as an individual are not alone. They are part of something bigger.

I learned this at a very early age. My dad was successful, and I observed that he spent time being connected and building relationships in a very genuine way. When his connections needed logistics services of one kind, or another they called Bob Robinson, Robinson & Ogilvy. He was irresistible. What does that mean?

This morning I read a blog by Deepak Chopra about how to be irresistible. As I read, his blog I thought of my dad and it is Father’s Day. The characteristics mentioned were: be present, be centered in who you are and what you value; and care. These are my words not Deepak’s, but the concepts are the same.

When you were with my dad, he made you feel like you were the center of his world at that moment. You had his full attention. Everyone who spent time with him felt aware of themselves because he was so focused on them. My dad was very confident. He was an attractive man, who loved to have fun, made connections easily, saw himself as being successful and enjoyed being successful.

Most importantly he cared about others. He made friends with everyone he felt was sincere regardless of their role in his life. His friends were people he felt were honest and genuine from truck drivers to heads of corporations. He was a generous man. He gave to those who in need on the streets, donated to organizations that served a cause that moved him and gave endlessly to his church including an anonymous donation of the altar in a church he helped to build after meeting in a fire station because we did not have a church building.

So what did I learn about being successful?

Be present so that you know who you are being in the moment.
Build real, genuine connections.
Be centered in yourself. Know who you want to be and be that.
Care about others, be sincere, give, have compassion and be part of something bigger than yourself.
In the end, I saw my dad as bigger than his business and his success. His business served his life, and he made his life have value. He was not boastful and never saw himself above, important or better. He simply enjoyed being.

Was he perfect? Not at all. He had faults and had tough times like us all. I am grateful on this Father’s Day for what I learned about success, being and caring.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Business Outside the Box

ImageWhat do you do when you cannot define what you do?  Sounds confusing and for those in this dilemma it is.  I have noticed an interesting trend among many small business owners.  They cannot decide what they do and from my perspective that is the wrong question.  The question is who am I and what do I bring forward?

Yesterday I visited a business owner at her office and noticed that she had three different businesses named on her door.  Have you met a business owner who hands you two or three different business cards for what they do?  I experience this quite often and have done it myself.

When I first met Dave I asked him what he did.  He was hard pressed to tell me specifically.  My impression was he helped with marketing your business but I was not sure how.  His company did website design, made videos, took photos, helped with mobile marketing, social media, etc.  I had another client who needed marketing support so I wanted to know so I could put them together.

Another client, Marcia, is struggling to define her niche.  She is an artist (sells her art), an interior designer for high-end clients, web designer, stager for fund-raising house tours, develops landscape designs, etc.  Her question is how to market herself. Stacy is the business owner with three business signs on her door and a long list of coaching certifications to define her business.

I work with business owners to define the business they are creating when it is not so much a brick and mortar business like my other clients, i.e., a very successful heating and air conditioning installation business.  Even my client, Kim, who owns a CPA firm, which seems pretty specific, is struggling to define her services and target market. She sees herself as more than a CPA.

This same dilemma can happen with professionals. Nicole has been a CFO for years and is looking for a change.  She spoke about her passion for motorcycles and teaching.   To her these are all different parts of her life.   Working with her I suggested that she not see them as separate but all that she is.  In the end she took a job as a CFO for a company that sells motorcycles and a job description that involved teaching and mentoring financial staff in each division.

From an intuitive perspective there is a new brand of businesses and professionals emerging that cannot be placed in a box.    All of these business owners have one thing in common.  They are all very intuitive whether they would define it that way or not.   They each have an intuitive sense about their area of focus.  For example, Dave is very good at “reading” a business and a business owner to decide the best way to set up communication between the company and possible customers.  Dave knows about online & mobile communications but his real talent is an intuitive sense of how to create communication.  What box does that fit in?  So if you ask Dave what he does, he is not a web designer, a video producers, a photographer, an apps developer, etc. though he does all those things.  Dave establishes communication.

Marcia helps you make your world more beautiful in any way that you that you want. Stacy helps you know who you are and what is important in your life.  Kim helps her clients get out of fear of money.  This is the truth of what they do.  This is not your typical business elevator pitch nor does it fit the traditional perspective that says you must fit into a box.  I am sure they wish that they could and want to but that box does not fit for them.

So the first question is not “What do I do?”  The trend toward out of the box businesses comes from the business owner knowing who they are, what is important to them and what they want to bring into the world then creating their business. Taking all that we are and seeing it as a whole and not apart brings us to a new place.  We can get a job, do work or create a business OR we can express who we are through what we do in our work or in our business.  It is a journey in self-awareness.  It is a new way of thinking about what we do.  It is more than the skills that we have.  It is who we are.

If you are going to work in a job or create a business why not chose to create one that reflects who you are even if it is out of the box.  The culture of business is changing and this is one of those ways.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Staff Supporting Your Vision

????????????????????????????????????????Karen owns an interior design company and when I first met her she was working out of a large one-room office in Berkeley with another designer in a one-room office in Concord.  She had an office manager and two part-time designers.  She rented space to another designer to help pay the bills.

Karen’s work was well respected and her clients liked working with her but she was not making enough money to create the kind of company she wanted. We worked on her vision.  She was able to dream big and  was not afraid to face her demons, the pictures and energy that  were in her way.

The first step was to use meditation as a tool to clear her thinking, to clarify her vision and to get out of fear.  Karen wanted to approach her business from an intuitive perspective so meditation was an easy fit for her.

One of  Karen’s big obstacles was her staff.  They did not share her vision.  Something had to change so the next step was to bring staff into alignment with her vision or let them go.  It was a rocky time as Karen is a healer meaning she wants to help people.  This hurt her business.  Her rates were low and she gave more to her staff than they gave to her business.  Her Berkeley staff decided to leave and subsequent hires did not go well as Karen hired people she felt compassion for.  They call came and went.

In meditation Karen released her need to heal the people that she hired. Finally she was able to find enough neutrality to hire highly qualified  staff that supported her vision and who she did not have to heal.  This changed everything.

With this new staff Karen felt comfortable changing her rates to the level that supported her value and the value of her company.  To make this work Karen had her lead staff receive coaching as well with the goal that each of them would own their department, set goals, clear their thinking and have a strong vision of success in their area of responsibility.

Did I mention “departments”?   Yes, her company in its new design has departments, home design, office design and sales.  Her staff is in agreement with her vision; see their role in creating success and use meditation as a way to stay clear and focused.

This year Karen opened her third office in Marin and expanded her offices in Berkeley and Concord.  She was able to do this because she was willing to get out of her own way, to see where she was stuck, release energy and create a clear vision.  Inviting her staff to share in her vision and her practice of using intuition and meditation strengthened this.  Karen’s greatest challenge is to not let fear stop her and to watch when she is healing everyone.  She is eager to be self-aware and how she is creating her success.  This year with strong staff in place her focus is on her personal life so that her business serves her life.

Having a vision is powerful. Having your staff share your vision is more powerful.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

Can’t fool your customers

Cloud Smileys Your brand is everything.  Your customers and potential customers experience it everywhere they interact with you, your staff, your website, etc.  Knowing how you want everyone to experience and think about your business is the basis for your brand.

We all know this and most businesses work hard to have their staff represent their brand as well as having others experience it at all other possible touch points with your business, i.e website, print materials, ads and more.  This is important for your customers to feel good about working with you and to come back again and again because they like your brand and how it feels to them.

Researching a business insurance option recently I was attracted to a company because of their products, pricing and the brand image they promoted including friendly, efficient and personalized service.  They said they were fun to work with.  I experienced this from the account representative and was pleased with their brand promise as he described it.

The last step was to exchange documents. I took the opportunity to go into the company’s local office.  When I walked in I could feel the tension in the air.  The receptionist smiled, acted friendly and pleasant but the feeling in the space was completely different.  I could see and feel the conflict in this office.  I felt as though I was interrupting something.  I could not wait to leave.  I have not yet finalized my contract with them.  Their brand promise and how it felt in their office were not the same.

Everyone is intuitive.  Our gut reaction makes a difference. For this reason I work with my clients to not only express their brand in all the usual ways but to also in their office, store, warehouse, etc.  and to be aware of the energy of their staff.  Acting friendly and smiling does not hide the energy in someone or in the space.  The brand experience has to be genuine.  Everyone is intuitive meaning they can feel, see and know what is real.

Being aware of the energy experience in your office or your staff is important to your success.  If it does not feel right to you it will not feel right to your customers.  Take the time to notice the energy of your business, your staff, your offices, etc.  Take steps to change the energy if it is not consistent with the brand of your business.  This is not something you do once.  Monitoring the energy of your business is something to be done every day.

I don’t recommend that decisions are made from the gut or gut reaction but in reality people do this all the time.  Take the time to set the energy of your business to your customers gut reaction is consistent with your brand promise.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Contact me if you would like a consultation on the energy experience of your business.

The World You Desire

Abstract with heart Welcome to the new year.  Every change in cycles is an opportunity to create.  In our culture we tend to say the new year is a time to fix something, make resolutions we won’t keep, to change ourselves in someway, etc. Another perspective might be to simply be more of who we are, to focus more on what is important to us and what we value.  It could be a time to create something new, to see everything as an opportunity and to take back our world.   It is a matter of perspective.  How do you tend to see things?  Do you see opportunities or do you become discouraged by what is?   This is free will and we all have it.  Your Choice.
Your Choice
What do you choose for the new year?  How do you choose to be in this moment and each moment?  It is so clear to me that it is time for a change in every level of our culture and our country.  Things have gotten off track, out of sync, etc.  We are watching people being discouraged by lack of shared values. From an intuitive perspective it is the ending of a cycle.
The Old and a New Cycle
A new cycle is beginning. The old cycle that controlled, based on competition, self-serving, me first, money at all cost, logic only, success above all else, hierarchy,war, etc.is ending which is why we are seeing turmoil in old structures (political and corporate).  It is not because they were bad it is simply a change in cycles.  The new cycle is about collaboration, cooperation, support, values, self-awareness, intuition,circles, peace, success, greater good, green, social responsibility, etc.
Where Are You
The ending of the old cycle and the start of the new begins with each of us acting in each moment from what is important to us and what we value, being conscious and aware of how we are being.  This influences our family which influences our community and so on.   As we build a new group agreement based on values we have always had within us then everything will change.  If we stay in the old accepted point of view we will be out of sync with the new cycle that has already begun.  Where are you?  In the old or in the new?   If you don’t embrace where you want to be you will be pushed by the energy around you.
Ending Violence
I have been very affected by the energy of conflict which has been part of the old cycle.  We can not simply accept a broken political system, countries at war, violence in our streets, being in conflict with each other.  It is a time for new perspective personally and professionally.   Voices of the old cycle cannot continue to control our world.    Voices of the new cycle do not control either.  They are simply authentic and clear.
Forget Resolutions – Make Changes
Rather than make new years resolutions try coming into present time with the new cycle.  Mediate and imagine in your mind’s eye  the world you desire.  Be aware of what is important to you and what you value then be that in every action you take, every communication you have and decision you make.  In this way you become part of a new year and a new age – personally and professionally.  Happy New Year.
Best wishes on your success in the new year,  Kay

Setting the Energy for Success

During October we focused on setting the energy for success. What does it mean to set energy? Quantum physics demonstrates  what we have known for a long time that we have an effect on everything by where we place our attention.  But it is more than placing our attention.  We can create change through our attention.  In doing so we can make things better or worse so being conscious and aware of where we place our attention is an important ability to develop.

Whatever thought we dwell on becomes our reality.  Scary thought if we are not paying attention.  For example, it is not a coincidence that something happens to you right after spending some time dwelling on it.  Dwelling on it is the same as focusing on it.  We have a thought and we begin to imagine what it would be like, adding our energy to the thought.  Poof!  It manifests.   I was working with a client and she worried that she would be laid off.  There was no evidence to that effect but she got stuck on that thought, worried about it (adding energy), imagined what she would do if she was laid off (expanded the picture in her mind) then became anxious (adding more energy).   As imagined she was laid off and to this day I know her supervisor is wondering why they laid off someone so capable.

My efforts to have her take her attention off her fear of being laid off fell on deaf ears.  She could have just as easily dwelled on and imagined being successful in her job, being enthusiastic about that (adding energy to that concept) then that thought would have manifested.  We have free will to create whatever we choose so be careful what you dwell on.

Setting energy is a way to consciously focus your attention and your energy on precisely what you would like to see happen and experience.  Being intentional is a far better practice than dwelling on what we fear or resist.

During this month we focused on some specific areas we can set energy.  You can do this as well. Try understanding your ability to set energy in the following areas.

  • Your Space & Your Success: How do you want to be?  How are you being in your work? Everyone is intuitive so how do others experience you? How would you like them to experience you?  Set your space in a way that supports your success.
  • Your Office or Workspace: How do you feel when you are in your office or workspace?  Are you inspired or do you feel irritated?  Identify what irritates you.  It could be someone, something, the energy level, etc.  Make changes to raise the energy level of your workspace so that you feel inspired.  Clear the clutter, rearrange the space, fix what is broken, move away from someone negative, etc.
  • Communication: Communication is more than words.  It is an intuitive experience.  Take the time to notice how you want to be when in communication with someone.  Remember that everyone is intuitive so what are they picking up from you? What is the goal of your communication?  What is on your mind?  Clear your thinking. What energy is in your space?  You can’t hide it so change it to the vibration you want others to experience from you.
  • Achieve A Goal: Setting energy to meet a particular goal.  You have a goal.   Can  you see it in your mind’s eye?  Notice how you react to your goal.  What are your thoughts about it?  How do you feel (your energy level) when you put your attention on this goal?  Now clear your thinking and change your energy so that your goal can manifest in the way you desire.

There are recorded meditations on each of these areas if interested in learning more about how to set energy for success.  Series is “Setting Energy for Success” To  buy.

Best wishes on your success,