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This blog was created to start a conversation about your ability to create precisely what you want. We will look at what gets in the way. This discussion will be from both analytical and intuitive perspectives. Some might say a spiritual perspective. That depends on you.

To begin. I know from working with men and women on success that we can create whatever we want – until we decide that we cannot. Precisely! For example, a client said yesterday, “I am a jazz singer at heart and I really really want to do that as part of my life but – I know it will never happen.” And so it shall be! She will be forever “wanting” to be a jazz singer and “it will never happen.” Our thoughts and beliefs manifest exactly as we say they will and believe them to be true.

Another woman is a high fashion model in New York. She is talented and can be successful. She knows there is underneath, deep down, an intense doubt that seems to bury her certainty. Terri’s question is, “How do I find the thought, emotion, fear that is deep inside and get it out?” Through intuitive meditation, Terri learned to release the energy that was in her way and to see clearly her vision of her success.

Another woman lightheartedly confessed during a goals retreat that her heart’s desire was to work for a year in Paris. She laughed saying she had no idea how that would happen, but she would love it. A week after the retreat her consulting firm sent her to Paris to install a new software program. She was there for two years.

Manifesting what we want comes most easily when our energy level is high, and we are lighthearted. When we are serious, the energy level drops too low, and manifesting reality is slowed down or stops. It is physics.

Watch for posts as I share what I see intuitively about our ability to create success. Add your questions or comments.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

One recommended read on becoming aware  is The Power of Now

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