To meet Barak!

The tagline for my business and my life is “whatever can be imagined can be created.”  Every week one of my clients reminds me why I work from this concept.  Their accomplishments are often nothing less than a miracle and yet it is not that mysterious.  In fact nothing is mysterious when you step back and take a look intuitively. From that vantage point you can see the clear path from one energy or action to the next.

Let me tell you a miracle about my client who spent time with Barak on Election night right before his acceptance speech.   We will call her Sarah.   Sarah did not know Barak.  She had never met him but has been talking about wanting to work on his campaign for months.  She had several false starts but could never ground her vision clearly enough to make it happen.

One of the key components of getting a goal is our ability to see what we want clearly in our minds eye.  If we can see it then it will manifest.  Well Sarah could never quite see it clearly so she was forever in the energy of WANTING.  Wanting has to be the worst energy vibration there is because nothing at the vibration of “wanting” ever manifests.  So back to the story.

Two weeks ago Sarah calls me to say that she has decided to take a friend of hers to meet Obama and be with him on election night.  Her friend is a old colleague of Barak but has not been in touch with him for years. Sarah was determined. She was focused.  She had no plan but she did have a clear vision of what she saw happening.  At this point she was just not sure she could pull it off and didn’t have a plan so she called me.

Her request was for me to help her clear the energy that was causing her doubt and help her set the energy so that she could make this happen.  She wanted to make the impossible happen.  We did a guided meditation on her vision for meeting with Barak on election night and then being part of his VIP group for the celebration.   Not a small goal.

A few days later Sarah calls overjoyed because the Obama campaign team had agreed to let them meet with Barak on election night.  Now she had to tell her friend and get him ready for this historical moment.  On Tuesday Saral calls me as she is driving to Chicago with her friend.  She is afraid that it is all too good to be true and that something will happen to cancel the meeting.

Thoughts manifest reality so if she believed that would happen then it would so we worked through her fears and she set off for the Hyatt to wait for the meeting.   During the course of the Tuesday, Election Day, the staffers called twice to change the meeting time with Barak from 2 PM to 5 PM and then, “We will let you know.”  She called again.  Kay!  Help! My vision is crumbling.  I am afraid it won’t happen.”   More energy work.  More clearing.  I had her decide to have fun and be certain of her vision.

Finally at 9 PM on election night she and her friend were meeting with Barak in his hotel room sharing stories of their friendship long long ago.   It was a miracle!   After their meeting there was so much activity because John McCain had just conceded that Sarah and her friend could not get out of Barak’s hotel room so they were ushered to go with this staff to the acceptance speech.  So standing next to Axelrod they heard Barak Obama speak as president-elect of the United States.  It was a magical moment for my client, Sarah, who created the impossible and she knew it.

It is my hope that this experience will stay with her as she creates the next cycle of her professional career.  Sarah has been planning a big change professionally and has been afraid that she could not do it.  After this experience she has to know that she has the ability to create the impossible!  Whatever can be imagined can be created.


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