This Stuff Works!

You read stories about my clients all the time and the miracles they create.  Today’s blog is my client’s story about someone she works with.  It’s a miracle!

Sarah provides coaching to upper level managers in a large agency.  One of the managers, Keri, who is 4 months pregnant, told Sarah that she wanted to apply for a different position in the company but did not believe they would give it to her.  Surely they would hire someone else.   Sarah suggested to Keri that she visualize getting the job.  Keri thought this would be a waste of time but worked with Sarah anyway.  The next day Keri told her boss that she wanted to apply for the job.  He indicated that they were going to offer the job to another person.  Keri told Sarah who advised that she meditate again and visualize getting the job despite these odds.  A day later Keri’s boss came by and asked if she was serious about wanting the position.  Keri explained her reasons and qualifications.   Again she meditated to visualize getting the job.  As it turns out Keri was offered the position and starts next week.

Now it is easy to work really hard to explain all of this logically.  That is our tendency.  If you step back, take a deep breath and allow the possibility that Keri created her vision you begin to have a different perspective.  None of this is logical.  The only way to understand this is to do it for yourself.  Take the time to meditate and visualize something that you want.  Clear your thinking about it.

The most successful people are those who have a strong vision.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

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