Nothing is impossible!

Be determined!

A client called to tell me the miracle she had created.  She was sure I wanted to hear her story as it all began at one of my retreats.  Sarah (not her name) attended an intuitive goals retreat with me two years ago.  One of the concepts I teach in these retreats is an intuitive technique for visualizing what you want then the importance of getting into the energy of what this goal.  For example, if you want to add photography to your graphics arts business then you have to not only visualize how this would look you also have to get back into the energy of photography.  Go to places where those who do photography are, brush up your photographer skills with a class, go to photographer galleries, spend time with photographers, etc.  Start to match the energy of photography.

In this case Sarah wanted to be named a Fellow by her professional organization.  It was a stretch at that point so it was hard for her to imagine it.  She clearly wanted it but was having trouble seeing or visualizing it.  With the support of the retreat curriculum, the attendees and her determination she left with a clear vision and a plan to “get into the energy” of being a Fellow, an elite group of professionals recognized as being at the top of  their field.

Well, two short years later Sarah has been named a Fellow.  She was so thrilled when she called and raved on about the techniques she had learned and used.  I too was thrilled and asked what she did to get into the energy of being a Fellow.  For the past two years she has called and met with as many of the living Fellows as she could find.  She explained that she spent time with each of them getting “to know the energy of being a Fellow”.  What energy level were they?  What was the vibration of someone who is a Fellow?  Sarah began to match the energy she observed and began acting like a Fellow as she saw it to be.

Surprise!  It worked. Sarah will be named a Fellow in April at a ceremony in Texas.   I plan to be there and applaud loudly for her success!

Nothing is impossible.  Whatever can be imagined can be created.


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