If you don’t like the way things are, change your energy!

Be the change

Not liking how you feel today?  Not feeling good about where things are going?  Change it!

Intuitively I can see the energy affecting my clients causing them to experience their life or their business in one way or another.  When things are not going so well I can see why.  When I tell them what I see it seems to break up the energy that is bringing them down, altering their perspective.

We can do this for ourselves.  When we don’t like how we are experiencing something all we have to do is change our energy, clear our thinking and focus on a different vision.  Sounds simple.  It is simple but sometimes it is not easy.

Sally called me because all of a sudden she was feeling discouraged.  The phones were silent.  The energy seemed low.  She felt out of touch with her clients.   Then she started thinking.  This is never a good idea when the energy is low.  Her fear was her business was failing.  That thought led to another and soon Sally had created an entire scenario in her mind about the failure of her business.

It is so easy to get stuck on a fear picture or thought then add our energy, emotions and more thoughts.  In this way we create a whole story of our demise or whatever.  We have another option.   I suggested to Sally that she focus her attention and energy in the opposite direction.   If the energy seemed low what can she do to raise the energy?  If the phones are not ringing then call clients and get back into communication.   We have total control even when we are sitting in the energy that we do not.

Within an hour Sally had turned the energy 180 degrees by changing the energy in her space, getting out of the thoughts that would have her give up and focus on what she wanted and not on what she feared.  She called to say it was a miracle!

Intuitively we know that wherever we place our attention is precisely what manifests so be careful that you think or believe.  That is why I suggest that we not put our attention on anything that would pull our thinking ii a way that does not support our success.   When you don’t like how things are then change your energy, have fun.  Decide what you want to have happen and place your attention on that – without effort.

BE the energy you want to experience.  BE the success you want to create.

Best wishes on your success,



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