An Inspired Life

Our theme for this year is to be inspired. That means something different to each of us, and it is important to know what that means to you.

Too often, we just go through our day and routine without a second thought. We wonder why we do not have one thing or another in our lives. Consider this – where we place our attention that is being created. If our focus is on our routine, then our routine is being created and nothing new. Do not think about this; instead, be intuitive about it.

An inspired life does not mean anything needs to be perfect. Instead, begin by thinking of inspiration in its simplest terms. For me, it can be any experience in nature, a conversation with a new person, a book, pushing myself, and my list could go on. What is your list? It matters.

Knowing what inspires us moves our attention off our routine onto something that creates a reaction in body, mind, and spirit. It can be simple and subtle but don’t let it be fleeting. What if we are always looking for inspiration in our lives?

We do not necessarily have to change our routine or what we do in our lives. We can change our experience of it by seeing inspiration or being inspired by what we do. We can also get out of our routine, have new experiences, and feel inspired by them.

When we care about being inspired, we change our lives in remarkable ways. How will your day and life be different when you focus on being inspired in simple and not so simple ways?

Forget Goals & Experience Something New

Once again, it’s that time when we look at the upcoming year. Cycles are part of life, and this is our annual cycle. Traditionally, it’s a time to set goals that we may or may not remember or achieve. For most of us, responsibilities determine where our attention goes and how we focus. Routine is another goal buster, and we are set in our routine whether we enjoy it or not. Sounds like the same old, same old.

What if you decided to raise your vibration this year to try and do new things? Notice that I did not mention goals. We are so programmed to focus on goals that they make us unconscious as we go through our routine. What if this year we focus on experiencing ourselves in a new way? What if we decided to experience a new aspect of our lives?

So, forget about goals and focus on yourself. What inspires you? Do that. What would you like to try that is new to you? Try it. Is there something in you that you want to experience? Experience it. Is there a challenge you want to take on? Take it on.

To do this means getting out of our routines, putting our responsibilities in their proper perspective, noticing what takes up our time, and make new decisions.

You will find that experiencing yourself will lead you to the life you desire just by enjoying and inspiring yourself every day. Decide to lead your life rather than your life leading you.

What’s My Purpose?

“What is my purpose?” is the question asked most often.  The question that follows is What should I be doing?

I am a firm believer in the notion that there is nothing we “should” do.  When I hear, “I should,” I know the person is not speaking about anything true to them.

What if our purpose is nothing more than to be ourselves. That may sound so incomplete unless we know what it means.  Being ourselves begins with knowing who we are at our core (heart).   When we know who we are at our core, then we know ourselves as spirit.

Our purpose then is to experience and express who we are as a spirit in the world.  That is our purpose.  When we know who we are at our core then expressing in what we do comes naturally.  We are drawn to experiences that help us be ourselves.

This sounds simple, but it is not easy.  We encounter demands and expectations that push on us and distract us from who we are.  The challenge is to stay true to being ourselves.

The only way I know to experience our purpose and what we “should” do is to go within.  Meditation is a space where we quiet the body and clear our thinking.  We need to calm our space to go within, to see, hear and know who we are at our core.

Finally, allowing our life be a reflection of who we are at our core. In this way, we know our purpose is to be our true self.

It’s Not About Goals

Helping people to achieve their goals is my life’s work. I’ve studied people and watched my clients achieve those goals. I’ve learned that achieving goals is not the goal.

I heard from my clients over the years that they achieved the goals we set. They thought that would make them happy. What’s missing? I decided to use the same approach we used to achieve goals but instead, I had them focus on the life they want and not on a goal to achieve.

This approach changed everything. It focuses on the right thing – the life we desire. Most people find they do not know the answer to that question at first. Maybe you don’t know it either. To know the life you desire, find time to get quiet, to close your eyes, to go within,  go to  your core (your heart). Reflect (meditate) on the life they desire. 

When you know what that is and can see it clearly in your mind’s eye, it is manifesting. Seeing it clearly in your mind’s eye is the key. Meditate regularly to stay focused on what matters.

Thinking about it is not nearly as effective as SEEING it – imaging yourself living that life. As you focus on the life you desire, live that way starting now. Your actions and decisions change. How you see yourself every day begins to align with the vision of the life you desire. 

Gradually, your reality begins to change. The life you desire reveals itself and manifests. This may not be logical, but it is a very intuitive way to create.

We Can’t Go Back

As an intuitive, I am watching the pandemic and see it as a spiritual happening. Everything was out of whack and no longer aligned in a way that supported us in body, mind, and spirit.

The universe is always giving us what we want. There was a significant group agreement worldwide to have a better life. For that to happen, something had to change. Let’s be clear, we did not want a pandemic, but a pandemic was the only thing that would get us to STOP how we were as human beings and get back on our path.

On a spiritual level, shelter in place was a command to stop and take care of ourselves. To take time to heal ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. 

Social distancing was a command for everyone to get out of each other’s space and for each of us to be more aware of our space.

Masks are a reminder that we do not have to go back to the way things were. We can choose to take care of ourselves and decide with whom and how we want to interact in the world.

All the changes helped us get out of where we were, regain perspective, remember what we value and what is important to us. It is no wonder that so many people are resigning from their jobs. That does not mean you have to resign or change everything. It may mean that you change how you relate to everything and everyone. Make new choices.  

Our entire culture is changing. We cannot go back to how we were. What do you want now? What is the life you desire?

To find that answer, do not think and think and think. The answer is not there. Instead, create times to be quiet, to go within, and explore what is important to you at your core. Stay out of your analyzer. Listen to your heart. Re-engage in a new way that aligns with who you are at your core. The change we desire starts within each of us. Let’s create a new agreement for how we want to be in the world. you at your core. Stay out of your analyzer. Listen to your heart. Reengage in a new way that aligns with who you are at your core.