Does the energy level of the body keep you from success?

      When your vision begins to manifest do you unconsciously stop it or miss the opportunity? This week I was reminded how easy it is to forget that we are creating our reality when our body reacts to these changes.  Perhaps this story will help us all become more aware, intuitive and recognize there are no coincidences.


Kathy has a successful accounting firm.  Her business has sustained on referrals for years.  Recently she decided that she wanted to grow her business 50%.  As we developed a strategy for that to happen Kathy realized she would need to change her client demographics.  Once her business plan was completed I guided her through a meditation to visualize this growth and change in her company.  This plan would change everything.  She envisioned a big step for herself, her staff and her success.

Within the week she received several unexpected inquiries that would give her access to her new client demographics of high net worth individuals.

  • One of her staff brought in couple from his church to interview the firm.
  • An investment banker asked her to attend an invitation only luncheon for his clients.
  • An estate attorney asked to meet to discuss her ability to serve his clients.
  • And a business organization in LA asked her to partner with them for large local event.

Kathy was thrilled and inspired by this sudden onslaught of possibilities that seem to manifest right from her new business plan and vision.   Indeed they did.   She had a busy week before her.

Yesterday, during our coaching session, Kathy said she was worried and wanted to quit.   I have heard and seen this countless times before so I laughed and asked her if success was scaring her.  I saw intuitively that her physical body was reacting to the energy change she just made in her company.  This is not logical but it is very intuitive.   We create as body, mind and spirit.   When all three parts are in sync we are happy with our success.  Kathy decided to increase her business 50%, updated her business plan (mind) and meditated to create a vision (spirit) of this new level of success and to see clearly how things would be different, i.e. new client base.

In the body, mind and spirit triad, the mind can come up with ideas and thoughts with little effort.   We can take the time to visualize which is the spirit part of us.  The body on the other hand hates change, easily goes into fear and is always seeking comfort so when we visualize something new, a big step up and the change it requires, our body reacts.  Sometimes it screams NO!

Kathy created a vision that she was excited to create.  Her creative energy level was high.   This change in her energy level created a reaction in her body, which was at a lower vibration.  Anywhere the energy was low or slow in her body suddenly felt uncomfortable, in pain and  she wanted to quit.  This was quite simply her body reacting to the energy of change.

This is the time that many people back off their success and not takes steps to raise the energy level of the body to be high enough to allow success. We can decide to succeed or sit down so that the body is comfortable.  So many people let their body’s limitation stop them, direct their decisions, etc. when all they need to do is help raise the energy level of the body high enough to match the vision she has created.  In this way we are in sync (body, mind and spirit).

In my practice I suggest the basics to keep the energy level of the body high enough to allow you to create inspired success.

  • Get the right amount of sleep and exercise.  Both are a must.
  • Eat high value foods.  Your nutrition can raise or lower the vibration of your body so chose foods of high value.
  • Breath deeply and more often.   Breathe deeper.
  • Drink lots of water as this keeps energy moving in the body.
  • And finally have fun!  This raises the energy level of the body.

Next time you take a big step or even think about taking a big step notice how your body reacts.  Consciously take steps to raise the energy level of the body so that you can have inspired success.

Best wishes on your success,


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