Self-Expression: the Power Behind Your Success

How comfortable are you with self-expression?  Self-expression can be the engine that drives your success.   You may find yourself doing a job, working hard yet not considering even for a moment if you are expressing who you are.  If you find you are irritable, complaining or disappointed about some aspect of your life or your work, notice if you’re lacking the room for self-expression.

Often we give our energies to our job or our work.  That is very different from creating our work spaces from a place of self-expression.  Without analyzing this, I’ll describe the difference as I see it intuitively.

When you put all of your energy (life force energy, creative energy, physical energy, emotional energy, etc.) into your work, then all of your energy leaves your space.  That seems effective at first – until you just don’t feel right and you start to experience a lack of vitality.  You’re not sure exactly what’s wrong, but you know there’s some kind of problem with your work space.

On the other hand, when you see your work as a vehicle for self-expression, your energy level goes up, and you run your life force, creative, physical, and emotional energies in your space as you work.  You feel inspired, creative and enthusiastic. Your energy is moving in your space and its level is high.

These are the mechanics of the power of self-expression. But what is self-expression?  It is simply awareness of self from within, and expressing, showing, experiencing that self in your work, play, life, relationships and all the other aspects of your life

Tapping into your true self, communicating it, and showing it to others requires you to become more aware and to get out of old patterns. It may even feel scary or strange.   Our fear of how others might react to how we express ourselves often keeps us from taking this risk.  Knowing that self-expression is not about seeking approval or validation from others helps change those expectations.

Self-expression may feel risky but the benefits are well worth it.  Making self-expression the driving force in your life changes everything.


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