Happiness is not coming

  Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, relates our happiness with progress of the economy.  If you are happy then the economy is progressing.  Which came first the chicken or the egg?  For each of us the answer may be different.

This month I focused my work (with clients, online meditations, blogs and webinars) on happiness.  We all say we want it.  We all long for it as if it was something coming in the future. Happiness is not coming in the future.

Happiness is an experience in the moment.  We cannot experience happiness in the past or in the future.  We can only experience it now.  So be happy NOW.   For most the immediate response is to think of all the things that have to happen first before we can be happy.  For example, you will be  happy when you have more money, a better relationship, lost 50 lbs. and a long list of other reasons.  None of this is true but that does not matter.  If we believe it then we make it true.

Interest in happiness has grown recently.  It seems to be more important as our culture evolves.  There is even a new specialty in economics known as happiness studies.   Though money does not buy happiness these studies have determined that the magic number is $75,000 annual income to be happy.  Less than that folks tend to be unhappy.  More than that does not mean you are happier. Interesting.

From an intuitive perspective, when we decide to be happy – in this moment – and we change our energy to the level of happiness in body, mind and spirit everything changes.  Happiness is a high vibration with energy moving.   As a result our ability to act and react to life changes.  We have a different perspective, can see more clearly and make better decisions.  We feel better in our body.   There are other changes we experience when we decide to be at the energy level of happiness.

Sounds wonderful but it is not that easy unless you are genetically inclined to be happy.  For most aside from happy experiences, the idea of just being happy takes some attention.  If we consciously focus on being happy throughout the day things are going to change.   Those changes may not be fun or easy.  Happiness is a high energy level, which hits up against anything in our space that is vibrating at a lower energy level.  It is like putting a spotlight on everything that makes us unhappy.  Then what do we do?   We can decide to stop vibrating at being happy because it makes us aware of places in our lives that make us unhappy.  Or stay at the level of happiness, allow things to change and commit to being happy.

The answer to this is your free will.  If you decide to go for being happy remember:

  • Be happy now
  • Be happy in body, mind and spirit
  • Be willing to let go of old thinking, energy and ways of being
  • Allow change

Being happy is a journey in self discovery and it is a change worth making.

Best wishes,  Kay


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