Enjoy not Enjoying

     So often I meet with people who are “wrong-headed”, an interesting phrase.  By that I mean they are not being themselves.  They might be stuck on a thought, idea or energy that is directing their attention and  energy in ways that does not support their goals.  A simple way of saying “wrong-headed” is they are distracted by something or someone has “grabbed their attention”.  When this happens they are not being or doing what they desire.

It is so easy to be distracted and have our energy changed in ways that keep us from meeting out goals.   The only place to create success is in this moment and if this moment is stolen from us then we have stepped away from creating our success.

I was talking to a client early this morning.   Sarah was complaining about her day.  She had several things that needed to be done that rubbed her the wrong way.   She was grumpy which to an intuitive looks like energy stuck and not moving.  I also know when energy is not moving then nothing creative can happen.  Her day was about to be wasted.

I suggested to Sarah that she take the time to stop and change her perspective and her energy.  If these were things she had to do anyway then why not decide to enjoy doing them.  The energy level of enjoyment is a high vibration and is creative so when given the choice why not choose to enjoy rather than resist your day?

Sarah grumbled at me (because that was the energy level she was being).   Then she attempted to change her space, energy & thinking to the energy level of enjoyment.  It was not easy.  There were several false starts that made me laugh as she bounced back and forth between being grumpy and finding enjoyment.   Finally she started to make herself laugh which made it easier to be at the energy of joy.

In the end she realized it was much more comfortable at the energy level of joy.  She did say she expected to be grumpy while doing something she did not want to do and never thought about enjoying it.  This was a new concept and it made her feel better about her day.

I am anxious to hear how her day turns out.  Often when we decide to raise the vibration of our day the unexpected happens.

Enjoy Your Day! Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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