Don’t be afraid to ask

There is only one way to get business – ASK.   Ask clients to buy your products.  Ask clients for the contract.  Ask customers to use your services.  And the thing we hate to do the most is ASK.   As a business consultant I am always watching how my clients and others ASK for sales.  It tells me a lot about their success.   Most are comfortable with the indirect ask, i.e. email marketing, print materials, ads, displays, etc.   We spend lots of money making ourselves visible and this is great.  It brings attention to you and your business but then what.

Some of us are comfortable having a face to face meeting, pitching our business, talking about what we do, finding out what our potential or current client needs then we wait and wait.  Nothing.  This is where most sales end.  The next step is the most crucial.  Ask for the sale.  Ask for the contract.  Ask but before you do take a moment to meditate on where you are in all of this.

Your clients and potential clients are intuitive even if they are not aware of it.  They are always reading your energy and your pictures.  So what pictures or thoughts do you have about this sale?   You want it, of course, but do you believe it can happen?  Honestly?   This is where meditation comes in.  Use meditation to know your own thoughts (conscious and unconscious), your emotions and energy about this client and this sale.  Clearing your thinking will make all the difference.  Do this before you ASK!

Intuitive Exercise:

  • Sit in a quiet and comfortable place.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and relax.
  • Place your attention on yourself.
  • Imagine in our minds eye the sale that you are about to ask for.
  • Notice your thoughts about it.
  • Notice how your body and your energy change when you meditate on this sale.
  • Now relax and release the thoughts that do not support your goal, the energy in your space, etc.
  • Finally, meditate on asking for the sale and see it happening.  Keep clearing your thinking and your energy until you can see this happening.

Once you can imagine asking and the client saying yes then you are ready to make the call.  Intuitively they will read your certainty and respond to that.

Here is another perspective on Asking.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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