Be Irresistible!

sc00002dfeOne thing is for sure. You cannot be successful alone. I have seen so many people try. Even those who promote their success as an individual are not alone. They are part of something bigger.

I learned this at a very early age. My dad was successful, and I observed that he spent time being connected and building relationships in a very genuine way. When his connections needed logistics services of one kind, or another they called Bob Robinson, Robinson & Ogilvy. He was irresistible. What does that mean?

This morning I read a blog by Deepak Chopra about how to be irresistible. As I read, his blog I thought of my dad and it is Father’s Day. The characteristics mentioned were: be present, be centered in who you are and what you value; and care. These are my words not Deepak’s, but the concepts are the same.

When you were with my dad, he made you feel like you were the center of his world at that moment. You had his full attention. Everyone who spent time with him felt aware of themselves because he was so focused on them. My dad was very confident. He was an attractive man, who loved to have fun, made connections easily, saw himself as being successful and enjoyed being successful.

Most importantly he cared about others. He made friends with everyone he felt was sincere regardless of their role in his life. His friends were people he felt were honest and genuine from truck drivers to heads of corporations. He was a generous man. He gave to those who in need on the streets, donated to organizations that served a cause that moved him and gave endlessly to his church including an anonymous donation of the altar in a church he helped to build after meeting in a fire station because we did not have a church building.

So what did I learn about being successful?

Be present so that you know who you are being in the moment.
Build real, genuine connections.
Be centered in yourself. Know who you want to be and be that.
Care about others, be sincere, give, have compassion and be part of something bigger than yourself.
In the end, I saw my dad as bigger than his business and his success. His business served his life, and he made his life have value. He was not boastful and never saw himself above, important or better. He simply enjoyed being.

Was he perfect? Not at all. He had faults and had tough times like us all. I am grateful on this Father’s Day for what I learned about success, being and caring.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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