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dreamstime_xs_19899077 Inspired success begins with you though it is possible to be successful without this awareness but it is a different experience.   If you look at successful people it is easy to see those who create inspired success and those who are simply successful.  Their lives are quite different.

In this blog I focus on inspired success.  You are probably tired of hearing about self-awareness.  It is a tired term but there is no way around it.  If you are waiting for inspired success, hoping for it or even visualizing it you are going to be waiting a long time.  It is not out there somewhere. Inspired success begins  with awareness of yourself and where you are coming from.  Who are you?  What is important to you?  What do you value?  How do you want your life to be?  This awareness changes the energy in your space.  You experience yourself and others experience you differently.

Your life, business, work, relationships, career are a form of self-expression.  You are creating in a physical form some aspect of yourself.   When we do this consciously we are pleased with what we have in our lives.   When we are not conscious and aware of ourselves and what we are creating then stuff just happens.  Some of it we like and some we do not. When we are not creating from our core then we are just working and what we are working on is more important than who we are.

Inspired success depends on awareness of self, not what you should do, what others think of you, what comes along or even what your ego dictates.   The easiest way to become aware of self is through meditation.   I suggest a simple form of meditation designed to help you quiet your body and stop thinking so that you can simply become more aware of you.

The work, career or business we create comes from this awareness.  The more aware we are the more clearly we are able to create what we enjoy and what serves us.  Have you thought about your career or your business being a reflection of you, your energy, your thoughts, emotions and programming?  This discovery of yourself takes time, does not have an end point and it creates our reality.  I know this is not logical but it is very intuitive. Knowing what is important to you is essential as you decide what you want to create or change and what you are creating so that it supports what is important to you.


I was working with Tom,  a successful business owner, who decided his business was running him and felt like he lost his life in the process.   When he meditated on this he decided that his relationship with his wife was most important to him that while creating a successful business he had compromised their time together.  When I pointed out that he chose to create it that way and that is not the way it needed to be, he was curious.  From that point he decided to create his success around what was important to him and to his surprise it worked.

One day lost in his enthusiasm he decided to open an office in Hong Kong.  This was an old dream that was now possible.  He talked about taking the lead to get this office started.  I asked him if this decision fit what was important to him and what he valued.  If he was in Hong Kong how would that support his relationship with his wife.  Upon reflection he did open the Hong Kong office but hired a young executive who was eager to live there.  Together they built this division – Tom from here and his new executive in Hong Kong.

Once we know what is important to use then we create our success in a way that supports this.


The next step is to know what you value.  This may seem like the same question as what is important to you but upon reflection you will find similarities and differences.  Your values go with you to your work, your business, your life and it makes everything feel right, aligned and in sync.   Your values are not only concepts that you hold they also vibrate an energy in your space that others experience.   This may not be logical but it is something you can experience.

Your values become part of your business, your staff and customers are drawn to you because they share those values and so it goes with everyone in your life personally and professionally.  Knowing what you value is another level of knowing yourself.  Meditation is a way to find a quiet place to reflect on what you value.

We grow in our understanding of our values over time.  Our value change as we have life experiences and learn more about ourselves.  When we stick by our values then it guides the choices that we make so that we are always true to who we are.  In this way we feel connected to our work and our business.  There is no disconnect or dissatisfaction.  We find opportunities that fit what we value and decline opportunities that do not.  We make decisions that move us in ways that support what we value.

So where are you now?

Does your work or business align to what you value?  If they do then you are on track to create your vision of inspired success.  If that is not the case then you have choices.   You can change how you are in your work or your business so that you are being what you value.  You can change what you are doing and create a new opportunity.   It is common for us to decide that the problem is outside of us.  That we have to quit what we are doing. That there is something wrong with someone else and that is the cause of our dissatisfaction.  That is not the case. That is never the case.  Inspired success begins with us knowing who we are, what is important and what we value.   Walking, talking and being this creates a reality that works for us.  So the change comes within us.  No need to jump ship just yet because if you don’t change you then nothing changes no matter where you go the pattern repeats itself in a new place.


Kathy is an experienced capable professional strategist but feels her life is not what she wants it to be personally or professionally.  When I asked her what was important to her or what did she value she did not know the answers.  In fact she did not know what she wanted.  This is not uncommon.  We take what comes at us which is one way of experiencing yourself.  We may like or not like what comes your way.

Take the time to meditate.  Connect with who you are, what is important to you and what you value then be that everyday and everywhere.  See how things change and how you experience your life and your work.

Best wishes on your success,



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