Your Routine is Killing Your Success

RoutineYour routine could be killing your success.  I was taught to get into a groove or a good routine.  There is value in this if you want to truly keep the things as they are in your life.  From an intuitive perspective routine holds them in place.  It sets your thinking, energy and actions in a particular way so that your actions and experiences repeat with the same outcome.

Success or Change

Then there is your vision of success, goals you have and a change you want to make.  This is where your routine can get in your way.  When we want to create anything we don’t currently have then change happens and happens on a number of levels.

Set in Your Ways

Your thoughts, actions and your energy as they are now create precisely what you have and experience in your life at this moment.  If you want something different or you want a change then something – and perhaps everything – has to change.  If nothing changes then nothings changes.  I love the term “set in your ways” as a reference to people who have a certain way of thinking or acting. We know they are not going to change.  They are set.

Not Getting Our Goals

Well, in truth, most of us are “set in our ways”.  Some more so than others.  The first step to manifesting, creating or having something you don’t currently have is to get uncomfortable meaning get out of your routine.  Get out of your comfort zone.  What is amazing to me is how we stay in a routine or pattern even if it does not achieve the goals we want.  We do it because it is our routine and it is familiar even if it does not create what we want.  That’s nuts!  Actually that’s routine.

Change is Not Easy

Getting out of our routine sounds like a simple thing to do but it is not.  When I talk about routine I am talking about more than your schedule and what you do in your day.  I am referring to being conscious about how you are in body, mind and spirit.  How do you set your energy?  How are you in your body?  How do you think?


I have a new assistant.  Her last job was in an atmosphere where everyone complained, acted in self-interest and in competition with each other.  An awful work environment but not uncommon.  After working there for many years she got into a routine, along with everyone else, of complaining, having a negative perspective and approaching everything as a problem.  Why did I hire her you ask?  I hired her because she is smart, experienced, high energy at her core, works independently and was continually promoted.  My intuition said she  is one really talented young woman who got into a routine of negativity.   My office is set at a high vibration of creativity and success so when she started I noticed she approached everything as a problem.  When I pointed this out to her she did not know she was doing this.  She was unconscious to her routine.

Routines Get in the Way

Our routines can be destroying what we are trying to create and we are not aware of this because routines make us unconscious.  We don’t think.  We are not aware of how we are being in the moment.  We act and react automatically.  So the first step is to notice our routines, meaning our automatic ways of being in our lives and in situations.  Notice do you always feel angry when you are about to do a particular activity.  Change it.  What is your usual energy level?  Notice.  Change it.  To create change your energy has to be high enough.  Its physics.  Raise your vibration as the first change.  Enjoy everything.  If you cannot then you are in a routine of not enjoying. Change it.

Create Change

If you want something different than what you have then get out of your routine in body, mind and spirit not just once but moving forward.  Change your schedule.  Change your thinking about things.  Change your energy (attitude).  Raise your vibration.  Place your attention on what you do want rather than what you have or what you don’t want.  There are so many ways to change.  The most important are your thinking and your energy and starting now.

Get out of your routine and focus on creating your vision of success.

Best wishes on your success, Kay

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