Cycles: success & failure, success & failure

Cycles are a favorite topic because they are a regular part of our lives and we pay so little attention to them.  This blog is for business owners and professionals so I will focus on your success though cycles are part of all aspects of our lives.

We experience times when everything seems to be going well and we have the magic touch.  Then there are times when nothing we do seems to make a difference and all we experience is failure.  This too shall pass.  It is a cycle.

Study of Cycles

Scientists and mathematicians know that cycles are statistical and predictive.  Intuitives and astrologers know this as well.  After the great depression Edgar R. Dewey was appointed to investigate the causes of the crash so we could prevent it from happening again.   After extensive study and statistical analysis Dewey reported that the great depression was a naturally occurring cycle and it would happen again.

Evidence of cycles is everywhere.  Night and day. Four seasons. Women’s cycles.   Lunar cycles.   There are many fascinating books on the subject of cycles.

Cycles of Success

As a business owner and professional being aware that cycles exist and affect our success helps us to know how to work during the down cycles.  Managing our success during up cycles does not need my attention here.   It is however important that we know how to maximize the upswing so they help stabilize our business or work for a down swing.

Down Swings

The length of any cycle can change dramatically so knowing how to support your business or work during these times is the key to your success.  When we start to recognize a down swing as nothing more than that then we can use this time to carry out tasks in your business that don’t fit during an up cycle.

Ways to Manage Down Cycles

  1. Recognize cycles.   When we do not recognize cycles as a natural part of life then we may decide that we have failed and quit when all we really need to do it ride the down swing.
  2. Take Charge.   It is easy to get discouraged because the energy is lower and slower during a down cycle.  It is easy to match this by lowering our energy, feeling less motivated or defeated.  On the contrary change your energy to take charge of your work and your business to carry out those tasks best suited for this phase of a cycle.
  3. Keep energy moving.   Resisting the down swing of a cycle can make it last longer, cause you to make incorrect decisions and loose perspective.  Instead take steps in your business that will support your business in the long run.
  4. Plan and Create.   A down cycle is a great time to reflect, evaluate, plan and develop.  The phones are not ringing.  Clients are not beating down your door right now so this the perfect time to look at your business with open eyes.
    1. Evaluate your products, services, business model, staffing, etc.
    2. Spend time on services or product development.
    3. Develop your client list.  Communicate with clients and potential clients without a great deal of expectation.  Keep lines of communication open.
    4. Create time to train staff or find ways to grow their ability to support the success of the company.  A good time for staff development
    5. Feng Shui your office, warehouse, etc.  Improve the physical space.
    6. Have a party.  This raises the vibration which is important so that staff do not become the effect of the down cycle.
    7. Other activities that you or your staff don’t have the time to do during an upswing.

Begin to recognize cycles.  Learn to use both sides of this dichotomy to your best advantage.  In this way your business and your work as not good times and bad times but rather times of providing products and services (making money) and times to develop and reground your work or business.

Best wishes on your success.  Kay


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