I think I hit the wall

Hit the wall. Reached my limit. These are interesting terms that describe how we feel when we are stuck.  As a business intuitive I see that we experience being stuck when our energy stops moving.  Hitting the wall, reaching your limit or being stuck does not mean it is time to give up your goals.  Understanding the energy dynamics behind this experience may help.

Energy Not Moving

When I say energy is not moving I mean this literally.  We all have energy that flows through and around us.  When energy is moving we feel inspired, creative and ready to conquer the world.  When our energy is moving slowly we may feel tired, less focused and not so creative.  We get through the day.  When our energy stops moving we feel defeated, exhausted, loose perspective and perhaps even feel depressed.

Allow Change

The challenge here is not to quit.   At these times we see everything as black and white because stuck energy is limited so everything is limited, i.e. either/or.  We feel stuck most often when we are moving to the next level of achieving our goals.  It is a new energy level.  It is unfamiliar and means changing from an old and familiar energy level to a new one.  When we resist this change, we are resisting our energy and so it gets stuck. The question then becomes.  “How determined are we to achieve this goal?”  Are we willing to allow change and for energy to change?

Thoughts Create Stories

Another common experience that causes us to get stuck is our thinking.  We get stuck on a thought.  It can begin that simply.  When we get stuck on a thought that makes us uncomfortable we tend to focus on it.  Our mind then elaborates on the thought, creates a whole story based on our fears and suddenly we have imagined a worst case scenario or worse.  Our body responds emotionally and suddenly we are stuck in our own thinking.  We are not breathing and our energy has stopped moving.


Fred bid on a big project.  He was sure he was the right vendor and submitted his bid with great confidence.  He knew the timelines for the decision to be made and that time came and went without hearing from the contractor.  He immediately went into fear and invalidation.  In his mind he decided that his bid had been disregarded.  They had decided to go with someone else.   He had hit the wall.  He could only imagine the worst case.  When he told me this scenario, I smiled to myself and pointed out to him that he made up that entire story in his mind without any basis in fact.  He was not able to rely on his intuition on this because he was too emotionally involved so the best solution was to call his potential client and ask.  When Fred called he found that the primary contact had taken personal leave due a death in the family and would be back the following week.  I suggested that Fred enjoy his work for the next week, keep a clear vision and not let his mind wander.  In the end, Fred did get the contract.

I often joke that our analyzer has a mind of its own and makes up incredible and interesting stories.  We all know that our thoughts are not always correct.  They are just our thoughts.

Why Am I Stuck

When we hit the wall, it could be for many reasons other than taking big steps or letting our thoughts get the best of us.  It could also be we are getting out of our comfort zone.  It is scary or unfamiliar.  Maybe someone got into our space (we are feeling someone else’s energy) and it has unsettled our energy level.  There are so many possibilities.

Get Energy Moving

When we hit the wall, reach our limit or feel stuck the goal would be simply to get energy moving.  How we get our energy moving in part has to do with what caused our energy to get stuck in the first place.  On the other hand finding ways to raise our vibration are effective as well.

The goal is not to give up or quit simply because our energy stopped moving.  At these times it may be hard to see clearly or get unstuck.  Here are some options:

  • Do something that you really enjoy.  This raises our energy level which will get our energy moving.  Once our energy is moving we have a better perspective.
  • Seek insight from a neutral professional who can see intuitively what is going on because the answer is not logical.  If it was logical you would have found your answer by now.
  • Meditate each day.  In this way you clear your space, raise your energy level so that you don’t have to hit the wall to find your way in achieving your goals.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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