Abundance Replaces Greed & Scarcity



Everything as we knew it has changed.  T his is the result of many actions including a natural correction.  The world is made up of dichotomies and is always seeking balance.  When greed and consumerism pushed the world to the far side of this dichotomy there was a shift that unfortunately threw us nearly to the other side of the dichotomy which is scarcity.  Scarcity and greed are the extremes of the balance called abundance.


In this new cycle abundance replaces greed and scarcity.  We all read in the paper each day stories about those who are still trying to perpetuate the dichotomy of greed and, of course, those who fear scarcity.  Should we give breaks to corporations OR give benefits to the poor?  Why is this an either/or question?  In this new cycle we should find there is no need for this competition.

As businesses right themselves to survive this economic tidal wave their values will decide their success.  Businesses that operate from greed or scarcity will find it difficult to adjust.  From an intuitive perspective businesses that find balance, who aren’t afraid to give, who see abundance and opportunity will be successful.

Everyone wants abundance.  It is the pot at the end of the rainbow.  Actually abundance begins within.  How we feel and how we see our world comes from within?  To create abundance, act abundantly, recognize and enjoy what you have, see abundance.  Wherever we put our attention is what we create.  Fear of scarcity creates scarcity.  Seeing abundance creates abundance.

Be abundant!  See abundance in others it won’t hurt yours.

I invite your thoughts on this.

Best wishes on your success.  Kay


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