You Are Not Your Business or Your Work!

We are busy creating our success in our business or profession.  We put so much energy into this that in the end more of our energy is focused on our work than on ourselves.   It appears this is changing.  More men and women are creating space in their lives to experience and validate all aspects of who they are.  Owning a company or having a career is no longer the most important or only important part of our existence.

Professional Expert and An Athlete

I have one client who has worked very hard to create her professional identity.  She is successful, recognized and the recipient of many awards.    On the other hand she has lost herself in her efforts to be at the top of her field.  Another client quit his career as a professional athlete because he wondered who he was aside from his on field performance.  He wondered if anyone would like him without all the fame and fortune so he quit to find out.

Each of these professionals is in a different place.  One is defining who she is through her work and has lost her sense of herself.  The other has stepped out of his professional to find himself.  Is there some place in between?   Can we be successful business owners and professionals without loosing awareness of ourselves?  The answer is obvious, of course, but it is not easy.   We have been taught to work for validation through what we do rather than who we are.

We are expected to perform, to succeed, etc.  It is what we do that matters.  It does not have to be that way.  It is more natural to create our work from a clear awareness of who we are.  Our work can manifest from this awareness.

How Do You Define Yourself?

Consider what you would tell someone if asked about yourself.  What would you say?    Do you find yourself saying more about what you do than who you are?  This is a simple exercise to show where you are in your awareness of who you are?


Meditation is a simple way to separate from our work for a time and focus on who we are at our core, what we value and what is important to us.  Focusing in this way keeps us clear about where we have been, where we are now and where we are going.


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