Why don’t things go as planned?

Meditation - part of a business plan
Meditation - part of a business plan

We all want to be successful. We think through and create a very grounded professional or business plan then work that plan everyday.  So why don’t things do as planned?  When we assume that it is all beyond our control we are dead wrong!   Opening to our intuition allows to see beyond what is obvious and visible to find these answers.  There are no coincidences.

For example, everyday our experiences create responses and reactions whether they are good or bad.   These experiences create thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. that may or may not support our plan.  Things hang with us. We hold onto things.  Things stick with us.  These are all familiar terms that describe the effect of our daily experiences.

When we carry anything from one day to the next it becomes part of us and the fabric of our life.  This is true for energies that we enjoy as well as those that we don’t.   A bad meeting, conversation or phone call can stick with us, influence our thinking and set us off course.  Often this is all happening our awareness of the effect the energy is having on our success.

One of my clients had a very difficult conversation with one of his clients this week.  I saw that if he held the energy of this conversation in his space it would destroy the contract.  On the other hand if he cleared the concepts and energies this experience stimulated for him then he had the opportunity to re-set his communication and agreement with his client.

These kinds of experiences are part of doing business which is why, as a business intuitive, I encourage all my clients to make meditation part of their daily business plan.  In meditation you find a place of quiet to review yesterday and today.  You become aware of the energy and pictures you are holding onto and will get in the way of your goals and your plan for your business.  Once you are aware you can decide to release anything that does not serve you.  Finally, you can  reset and recreate your vision for today, the week and your success.

Try this for yourself.  If you are not sure how to meditate join me for an online meditation any Monday.



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