Success Now!

dreamstimefree_successMost see success as something that will happen in the future.  “I will be successful.” Or we believe that when this or that happens then “I will be successful!”  We create in our mind ideas that limit our success. We get in our own way.  Whatever we believe or imagine is exactly what happens thus success is always in the future or our success depends on one thing or another happening first.

Our Thoughts About Success

As a business intuitive I see that success is an energy vibration in your space.  Either you are vibrating at success or you are not.   I can see when a business owner or professional has created the idea  (thought or picture) of success happening later.  None of these ideas are, in fact, true.  They are simply our ideas of how success works.   If we change our ideas, thoughts or pictures we change our reality.  We can be at the energy level of success at anytime so why not now!

Your Vision of Success

We create success whenever we decide to do so.  We can decide to create success NOW!  It begins by having a clear vision of what we see (imagine) our success to be.  For each of us this will be different.  I suggest including all aspects of your life in this vision.   Meditate and see your vision in your mind’s eye.  Do not think about it or try to be logical.  Simply imagine success. There is time for logic but not at first.

Once you see clearly what success is to you then decide to begin and be successful starting now.  Begin by setting your work in a successful way and set the vibration of your business as a success.

Be Successful Now

The most important aspect is to do this now!  Be successful now!   See your success happening today.  Everything that you do, every step you take big or small do it successfully.  A profession or business builds rapidly from being successful now, in present time.

Intuitive Exercise

Try this intuitive exercise.   Before you begin each day take time to meditate even if for only a few minutes.

Stop and quiet yourself.  Close your eyes and decide to set your space to the vibration of success that day.  Notice what you have planned.  Rethink your plan if it is not focused on your success.  Eliminate anything that distracts you from your vision of success. Now decide to be successful today in whatever you have do.

Notice how each and every day builds a stronger vibration of success.


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