A Feeling of Success

????????????????????????????????????????The feeling of success is a core emotion that drives us from birth.  Where did it go? In a recent meditation series I included a meditation on feeling successful. Most joined the meditation because they wanted to feel successful in hopes of becoming successful. Others were successful but did not feel that way. From an intuitive perspective both of these are off the mark.

In Our Nature

Somehow we are programmed about success in a way that has moved us away from our true nature as spirits in bodies and how we evolve, grow, learn and succeed. From an intuitive perspective the feeling of success is an emotion and an internal drive (energy) that is essential for our growth, development and success from birth.

From Birth

You can see this energy or feeling of success in an infant and their drive to reach out, roll over, sit up, etc. These efforts are supported by a feeling of success (energy or emotion) that inspires and motivates an infant to try what at first seems impossible. Once accomplished they are inspired by the feeling of success to try something new, another skill to accomplish.  There is nothing logical about this.  It is an internal natural drive to succeed.

 Feeling Successful Comes First

This feeling of success is behind all of our greatest successes. When this feeling stops or seems to be gone we feel disempowered.  The drive to succeed is gone or we do not feel successful. We replace the feeling of success with logical thinking. Thinking about success and planning for success absent the feeling of being successful has never worked. We aren’t wired that way.

 Steps to Success

There are steps in our natural way of being successful. This begins with the feeling of success within the body from the second chakra (energy center below the naval). We have a vision or idea of what we want to take on, create, or achieve. The feeling of success energizes our vision.  We take actions toward that success.

Where Did It Go?

So when did that feeling of success stop? Who or what affected our energy or our space in a way that shut down this aspect of the second chakra?   How many times have you seen an infant try a new skill driven by the feeling of success (such as, climbing onto a countertop) only to be reprimanded? How many times has a student proudly displayed their work only to have others invalidate their efforts?   How many times has someone entered a competition, feeling successful then not winning and becoming a loser in our culture?

 Get It Back

The effect of these and other experiences are so strong that we may not even feel successful when we actually are successful. This is how our concept of success becomes distorted. These and other life experiences put out the fire on our feeling of success. We can change that. Taking the time to meditate on the feeling of success in the second chakra. Restimulating that feeling and  increasing our awareness of it is the first step.  Find that feeling and let yourself feel it in your whole body. In this way you consciously and deliberately stimulate an emotion, energy and feeling of success. Feeling then acting successful everyday is a way to renew this emotion and its energy in us. Once this energy is moving it drives us to successful experiences. This is not logical but it is very intuitive.

Don’t Think 

Don’t think about this as it is not logical.  Just try it. Let me know about your experiences around the feeling of success.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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