The energy level of success! Do you have it?

My client Cathy called because her business was down last week and she was concerned about meeting her financial goals.

Being successful or failing is never a coincidence and it is not a mystery.   Cathy’s father died two weeks ago and his funeral was last weekend.  The energy of death was in her space.  It affected her business.  Her clients intuitively pick up on her energy as a successful businesswoman and she was not there.  She was in a lower vibration.  This is not logical.  This is intuitive.


Another client called because her business had stopped for an entire month!  Sarah was diagnosed with a system infection a month ago and while she did not feel great she felt she was able to work.  Coincidentally from the onset of Sarah’s illness through the four weeks until she was well she received not one single phone call for her services as an interior designer.  Up to that point her business was robust and she has always done well.   Also not coincidentally as soon as she was well again clients started calling again and she is as busy as ever.   Sarah found this remarkable.  How did her clients know she was not well?   I saw intuitively that when Sarah was ill her energy changed.  Her clients intuitively connected to her at a certain energy level  (a highly creative vibration) and Sarah was simply not at that level until she recovered.


I walked into a small local grocery store while traveling and could hardly breathe.   The energy of desperation from the owners of the store was so intense I just wanted out   Clearly they were in financial survival.  I could sense this and as a potential customer I just wanted to run and I did.  I ended up not buying what I came into the store to find.

Everyone is intuitive.   We can support our success by being conscious and aware of the energy level we are being and what  our clients, customers, patients, etc. are experiencing.  What is your energy level or the energy of your business?  Does it support your success?  If not, change it and notice what happens.

Please share your story or experience.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay


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