Applause Please! For Your Success

Recognize Your Success

As we enter the New Year we set goals, firm up our vision and focus on what we are creating next.  This is all good and there is an important step that most of us forget – taking the time to reflect on where we have been, what we have already accomplished and our successes.   I guarantee you that we have complete awareness of what we have not accomplished or our failures.   We may even judge or invalidate ourselves for one or more of these, which brings our energy level down and taints our perspective on our ability to create.  While we can learn from our mistakes, validating our successes brings our energy to the next level so that we can create success in the present.


A Story

Sarah is striving and working hard to promote the book that she wrote this year.  She is focused and is experiencing the stress of this next hurdle.  In our mentoring sessions I encouraged Sarah to take the time to recognize all that she accomplished, i.e. writing the book, which is no small feat, and having the book published which is another major success.  With this awareness Sarah felt suddenly empowered and certain of her ability to carry out the next challenge.

Next Success

In the world of creating success there is no end point.  People focused on success create one after another often without taking the time to recognize and validate each success along the way.   They behave as if there is an end point and once they achieve a particular success they will be done.  My experience with successful people is quite different.  I have observed that there is no end point.  Each success leads to another goal, which would be their new success.

When we take the time to recognize our accomplishments then we take success out of effort and see it as a life long journey of creating.

Best wishes on your success,



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