Make 2011 Different Than 2010!

Allow Change

Everyone wants something they don’t have.  We call these our goals.  Whether we meet these goals or not is completely up to us and it is not a mystery.

We might have an idea or thoughts about our goals but we don’t have a clear vision of our goals.  We can’t see or imagine our vision happening.  Not having a clear vision means our goals are more something that we want to happen but don’t really believe it will manifest.

On the other hand perhaps we do have a clear vision.   I have learned working as an intuitive business consultant that having a clear vision is not enough.  To achieve goals we have to be willing to create and to allow change.

So often our resistance or fear of change stops us from achieving our goals.  From an intuitive perspective the minute we create a clear vision it begins to manifest.  Everything necessary to meet the goal begins to change.   That may include staff quitting, our role change, getting out of our comfort zone, taking risks, etc.

I have seen business owners stop their goals from manifesting because they were not willing to allow change.  When we allow change then our goals manifest gracefully.   When we resist change then we may still meet our goal but in more dramatic and less graceful ways.

Meditation is an important aspect of navigating change.  In meditation you can gain perspective, find neutrality, release fear, open to your intuition and see how change moves toward your goals.

If we don’t allow change then 2011 will be the same as 2010 and maybe that is fine.  If you have goals you have not achieved it may be time to get out of your comfort zone.  You decide.

Happy New Year (if you decide to make it new!) and Best Wishes on Your Success!



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