Intuition + focus + energy = success


We have all heard about the power of visualization. This is not a new concept and can be a speedy way to achieve the goals you have for yourself and your company. As a business intuitive, I am aware that my most successful clients are those who have a strong vision of what they want to create. They are clear and certain. I have other clients that have an equally clear vision though they are not as successful. There are many factors I see intuitively that contribute to this, but there is one that is true of all of them.

My most successful clients have a clear vision. They also have a strong focus and determination to have their vision manifest. The second group has an equally strong vision though are not as focused, certain or determined. When I look at this from an intuitive perspective, I see men and women who have the ability to create a mental image picture ( vision) that is exactly what they want to create. It is similar to a drawing, photo or video that you hold in your mind’s eye.

The next step is harnessing and gathering your attention; focus and energy to bring to this vision into reality. Therein lies the difference between these two groups of professionals and business owners. One group brings their energy, focus to activate their vision. This changes it from a mental image picture to a physical reality. The picture is energized.

Sometimes it is easy to energize a vision and sometimes it takes great force. Have you ever heard the term “force of will” or “through force of will”? Both of these terms refer to a person’s ability to focus their life force energy on a vision to transform it into something physical. If I were a physicist, I might explain the effects of energy on a vision in terms one might use to describe quantum physics.

My best counsel on this would be to have a clear vision. This is not always as simple as it may sound. Meditation would help in this regard. Next bring your focus and attention directly on this vision. Do not be distracted. Take steps directed toward your vision. Finally, push yourself through any limits real or imagined. Repeat any of these steps as needed. Most importantly, don’t give up your goals!

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. It is worth the time to set the energy and your focus before you make that sales call.

Note: Regular meditation makes this easier helping you get into a routine of clearing your space and setting your goals. Online Meditation each Monday For more information.



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