Firewalking, success and focus!

Recently several of my clients attended a workshop on fire walking.  FIREWALKING!   They were amazed at what they were able to do.   It was beyond belief and beyond what they ever imagined was possible.  Several said they used the intuitive tools to achieve their goal to fire walk including being centered, focused and having a clear vision of their goal.

As the story goes they went to try fire walking.  Why would they do this?  All of them were at a point in their professional career where they wanted to take a big step forward.   They were ready for anything that would inspire the power and strength within to take that step.

They decided go to the workshop.  Check it out.  Promising themselves that they may or may not fire walk.  They wanted to make sure they gave themselves a way out.

In the end they not only walked on hot coals, they also broke arrows pointed in their throat and even bent rebar in the same way.   To accomplish these feats they were reminded to focus on the goal (break the arrow, bend the rebar and get to the other side of the coals).  When they faltered the instructor reminded them not to focus on their fears but on their goals.

I could not have said it better.  Nothing is impossible.  Whatever can be imagined can be created.

So don’t try this at home but if you would like to try fire walking my clients recommend


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