What is wrong with rose colored glasses?

dreamstimefree_36802811 The recent Monday Meditation was very enlightening.   We focused on enjoying our business and enjoying our life.  What is not to like about this?  Everyone was excited by the possibilities.  In reality meditating with this in mind was not as easy as everyone imagined.

We are not an island meaning that whatever is going on around us affects us.   Actually it affects us until we decide NOT to become or match the energy.  The US is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It seems far away.  Intuitively it does affect us.  We have thoughts and feeling about these wars and others including Gaza.  We have reactions to the world situation as a whole.  The media is constantly pushing us to react one way or another.  This affects us.  We become more serious and are aware of the problem.  This bleeds over to other aspect of our lives including our business.  Suddenly our business is serious and we have problems to solve.

Meditation is a way to stop matching or being the effect of one event or another.  Meditation is a way to find the quiet space within and become aware of what is affecting us.  We gain perspective. Not only do we  become aware we can change our energy, our perspective and ultimately our lives and our business.  A simple change in our energy can change everything.

In this Monday Meditation everyone changed their perspective, their vision and ultimately their energy to enjoying their business and their life.   The result of this may be a period of discomfort.  If we are routinely serious or sensitive to  solving a problem then simply deciding to enjoy has ramifications.  Ramifications that are well worth having.

Try this intuitive meditation:  Take 3o minutes to one hour to sit quietly, close your eyes, focus your attention and awareness on yourself.  Breathe often.  Become aware of what is on your mind.  Clear your thinking.  Clear your mind. Finally begin to imagine enjoying your business and your life.  Keep imagining until you can see this in your minds eye.  It is something we all want but seeing it  and imagining it happening requires using your intuition.  Keep imagining until you can see it clearly.  When you can see joy in your minds eye then you will experience in your life.

Enjoy!  Kay


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