Why not choose your passion?

dance           Sarah (not her real name) is changing her professional life so she contacted me for an intuitive perspective on her new business ideas.  First she had the time, desire and the resources to start a new business.   Her only decision was “What should I create next?”  Sarah is a very creative woman who has been able to create successfully thus far so why the uncertainty now?

As we spoke she outlined three business options she was considering.  All were excellent ideas.  I watched her intuitively as she spoke and the energy of each of the businesses she presented looked flat.  What was making her consider these options?  Others good ideas?  Maybe they were good strategic business moves but the energy as she considered them did not spark a creative vibration in her and, therefore, would not create success.  A simple intuitive principle to business success is knowing what energy a business vibrates in you.  It is simple to create a business but to sustain it in a successful way it has to engage our creativity, enthusiasm and/or passion.  I did not see any of these vibrations in the options Sarah presented that day.

As I “looked” at her I saw her passion for dancing so I asked her to tell me about dancing.   Her energy changed.  Sarah began to describe in great detail her life’s dream is to own a dance studio.  She went on at length telling the vision she has always had and how she imagined this studio.  I wondered why she was considering other business ideas that clearly did not spark this kind of enthusiasm in her.

If you are going to create a business why not create the business of your dreams?  It will be no more or less a challenge than other business ideas.  I could see her fear.  She could not imagine creating her dream.  Somehow she did not see this as possible.

So as you might expect we ended this consultation with her committing to exploring the dance studio as her new business venture and fulfilling a life long dream!  It would mean that she would not only create a business plan but spend time imagining or visualizing this business.  In the end, no matter how passionate you are, if you cannot imagine something then it will not manifest!

I will let you know how she does as you pursues her dream and releases her fears.


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