Allow Fear & Keep Moving Toward Success

????????????????????????????????????????This is a good time to talk about fear! As far as I can tell from experiences with my clients everyone is afraid at one time, or another. Fear of taking a big step, changing directions, moving forward, making a decision, not having control and fear of the unknown.

From an intuitive perspective fear often means you are faced with a great opportunity. Let me explain. When we get to the place of having a clear vision of success everything in our lives, and our business begins to evolve around that vision. If you pay attention, you will be aware of this happening. Suddenly there are a rash of coincidences that favor your vision.

When you have a clear vision (or intention) change begins. Where you are now maybe fine but if you have a goal something has to change for it to manifest. Those changes begin to show aspects of your business that are in the way of your vision and where change is needed. Those changes typically make you personally uncomfortable, or you would have made the changes already. As you change, your concepts about your business also change, and evolve more consistent with your vision. It is an uncomfortable time. It can be scary, and you may experience fear from all that is changing. You are out of your comfort zone, and that is good.

I watch my clients go through this period of business growth and the choices they make. Some become uncomfortable, start to be afraid and crumble. They stop moving forward and decide to stay right where they are. Others recognize the fear, know that it is the result of the steps they are taking, take a deep breath and take even more determined steps toward their vision.

When a business owner has a clear vision, everything starts to change and evolve around that vision. At first it may feel like everything falling apart! Aspects of your business that are not supporting your vision may fall apart because it needs to change as new aspects develop and evolve.

It is a scary and exciting time. Those who are successful don’t run from fear. They take a deep breath and move forward to create their vision. Fear Not!

Best wishes for your success,



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