Success is 100% Attitude!

angels-baseballThe title of this blog is more than a catchy title. It is the secret to success. Remember the adage “Hold your head high.” As an intuitive, I read the energy of my clients. The most common characteristic of those who are successful is their attitude about success. I have worked with business owners and professionals for over 27 years so I have seen many grow from start-ups to success enterprises. I can tell by looking intuitively at someone whether they will be successful. They set the energy in their space at the vibration of success.

People who are successful don’t take no for an answer. They have certainty. If they are moving down their path and a boulder falls in their way, they do not stop. They climb over it and enjoy the climb. They walk around it and are amused at how simple the solution was.

When we are on the path to success things will happen to encourage us. Simple coincidences are inspiring. On the other hand, we may have experiences that seem to destroy the very thing we are creating. Whether this is, in fact, what is happening depends on our attitude about it. We can decide that our creation is being destroyed, and it will be. We can decide that our creation will not be destroyed, and it will not be. It all depends on how our perspective.

Let’s talk baseball! What does baseball have to do with business? That is another blog but let me tell you a story about attitude and a strong vision. It is a baseball story, but it applies to business.

Tim was playing with a senior men’s baseball league. His team came together during the season and made it to the last game of the playoffs. Everyone was thrilled by the challenge of playing another good team. Tim had a wedding to go to the very weekend of the last game. The team was disappointed because Tim was a good player and an important part of the team. I am a firm believer in the power of our personal vision but when it comes to weddings, there is no way around it. Tim wanted to play the game and he wanted to go to the wedding. The fact that they were scheduled for the same time and the same weekend did not deter him. He stayed focused on his goals. Much to everyone’s surprise the wedding was suddenly moved to another weekend. Tim got his vision. He got to play in the playoffs, and he will be able to attend the wedding.

Tim knew what he wanted. He was certain about his vision. He just didn’t know how to make it happen. That did not matter. He got what he wanted, and it was almost unbelievable except that I know the power of having a clear vision and not believing any thoughts that seem to deter you from your goals. This was not a coincidence.

Not all my clients are success stories. I have a client I like a great deal, but she is easily distracted from her goals. She can have a strong vision but when something comes along that gets in the way she loses her focus. Suddenly her attention is off her goals and on whatever distracted her. She never seems to move forward because of this.

Back to this baseball story. The ability to create the impossible exists in business. Those who are determined get their goals. Stay focused and don’t give up. Allow a miracle.

Best wishes on your success, Kay


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