Intuition in marketing! A formula for success.

Marketing is such an interesting area to use your intuition. You can approach marketing logically and decide what you want to happen. This is a hard sell approach, and it may bounce off your potential clients. My perspective is intuitive. An intuitive approach involves reading your potential clients and what they want versus telling them about you or your business, as they are not interested. Telling them about your business does little to motivate them to do business with you or use your products or services

As an intuitive I work with business owners to learn to read their potential clients, to see where their attention is and how you can grab it. There is no place for logic here. It is a place to use your intuition.

In a consultation with Tom, he described his strategy for selling high-end top quality delicious chocolates. He has partnered with expert chocolate makers to develop their chocolates. As part of my consultation I read the quality of the product, the energy of the business itself, the business name, the chocolatiers, the manufacturers, his business coach, the office, his communication with the distributors and so on. Finally, I read the packaging of their first product.

In the end, it was the packaging of the product that was out of sync with the goals of the company. The packaging was very nice, well designed, and I saw that it would be entirely invisible in the stores. For the success of this business, I saw they needed to take a risk and design packaging that would stand out and not get lost on the overly stocked shelves of very popular stores. This is not true for all products and services, but it is true in this case.

Using intuition in marketing is simple. It begins by stepping back from all the logic and the perspectives of everyone working on the product. It means getting out of your analyzer and thinking. Find a space of quiet and begin to imagine your product and your customers. What will bring them together? Don’t be logical. Be intuitive.

Being intuitive involves looking, using your mind’s eye, at the perspective of the buyer and the consumer. Where is their attention and how do you grab it? People love it when something grabs their attention. When you can see that clearly in your mind’s eye, you have an answer to a successful marketing plan.

Back to my client. He was not sure he could convince the chocolate maker to alter a design she has used for a long time. Oh well. We will see how it goes!

Try an intuitive approach to your next marketing plan.
Best wishes on your success,


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