Get Out of Comfort Zone, Push Your Envelope & Own Your Value

Getting out of comfort zone

How to create inspired success is not rocket science.  In all that I have read, experienced and observed there is a short list of must do steps.   Everything you read and hear from me is about these steps and how we can get in our own way.  Kathy took the step to get out of her own way and created success.


This week I again observed how these steps work. Kathy has a bookkeeping business and her goal for the year is to increase her sales by 20% and net income by 30%.  Each week she finds herself having to make decisions that will either keep her comfortable or push her outside her comfort zone.   She struggles to decide knowing that she wants to reach her goal for the year.

Kathy’s team participated in an audit for one of her clients and the outcome was in her client’s favor.  It took a lot of work by her team to get his out of date books in order.  When it came time to bill for services Kathy was uncomfortable because the bill was so high.  Should she lower her bill and charge what she was comfortable asking or bill the full amount and own the value of their work?  She could not decide.

When Kathy and I discussed this I saw three intuitive principles at work.
•    Havingness: Was she going to let the energy of her company stay where it is familiar or push through to take it a step up?
•    Non-resistance: The second principle was for her to allow both possibilities. Ask for the full amount and allow the client to pay less.  This is not logical but it is a very important principle. She had to get out of resistance.
•    Clear vision:  We can visualize what we want but if our thoughts and emotions conflict with that vision then it will not manifest.

Kathy decided to invoice the full amount, to call the client and follow-up.  She wanted to be fully paid but for this new client she would be willing to negotiate if necessary.  Finally her vision was that the client would pay her in full without batting an eye.  In meditation she cleared any thoughts she had about him not wanting to pay, her guilt about invoicing such a large amount and the fear of pushing her company to a new level.

In the end the client was so grateful the audit came out well that he did not even bat an eye at the invoice and paid it upon receipt.

It is our own thinking that gets in our way.   Kathy laughed and immediately unconsciously created another situation with another new client who wanted her to create books for his company.  It took longer than they both expected and she was afraid to bill such a large amount to a new client.  The steps and the outcome were the same at the story so I will not repeat them here.  Kathy struggled.  She billed the full amount.  The client paid.  Amen.  Kathy is learning to get out of her own way so her business grows.

Best wishes on your success,


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