Talking Off the Top of Your Head

Communication is so critical to our success and we often don’t give it very much attention.  More often than not we talk off the top of our heads.  This is the most dangerous form of communication.  To talk off the top of your head is an expression referring to channeling of thoughts, energies or emotions that are in our space at the moment without being conscious or aware of the impact of that communication.

This happens more often than we would like.  One of my clients was upset with a client and wanted to call to set things straight.  Fred’s perspective were correct.  He was in the right though I saw intuitively that communicating from these thoughts would not have achieved the outcome he wanted.  I advised Fred to take the time to meditate.  To clear his thinking and release the energy in his space then imagine, in his mind’s eye, the outcome he wanted from communication with his client.  He saw intuitively that he had to let go of his ego to meet his goal.  After doing so he had a clear picture of the outcome he would like to achieve and the communication that would get him there.  It worked.  His client extended the contract.

Another client was working with her client and two contractors to develop a project.  Kathy had a lot on her mind, juggling many perspectives, competing interests, etc.    I saw how easy it would have been for Kathy to talk off the top of her head and unintentionally share information that would complicate the project.   I advised Kathy  to take the time to meditate before each conversations, to clear her thinking, to be grounded and know precisely the communication needed to move the project forward.  She found this was critical to winning both the bid and the cooperation of her contractors.   She learned to sort out information each party needed (or did not need) to create a success.

When we are not conscious and aware we tend to talk off the top of our head or say whatever is on our mind which may not meet our goals.  When you have an important communication with a client, colleague, staff person, etc., take the time to meditate.  Calm your body.  Clear your mind.  Know the outcome that you want.  Let go of your ego.  Release energy or emotions.  Imagine in your mind’s eye, using your intuition,  the best way to communicate to achieve your desired outcome.

Calming the body and clearing our thinking is an important step to clear communication.

Let me know your comments and stories about communication.

Best wishes on your success,



One thought on “Talking Off the Top of Your Head

  1. Speaking of ‘talking off the top of your head’: “Fred’s perspective were correct.”

    The problem with communication is, nobody is listening… So, your client could have called his client and said any number of things, and if he was pleasant he would’ve achieved the same result.

    Business is the name of the game. It’s about sales and profits – not being ‘right’. If you have the right product or service for the right price you will make the sale.

    Also, customers appreciate it when you treat them like friends… as in, “You can get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”

    Of course, believing in yourself is the key to making others believe you and in you. The thing is, people want high quality products and services for the lowest prices. That’s the key right there. No amount of meditation is going to save you if you can’t give the customer what he wants….


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