Responsible until it all explodes!

It was a great week as an intuitive business consultant.  The business owners and professionals I worked with showed great insights that apply to everyone. Here is one example.

Sara called me when her front office person suddenly quit.  Her business was in the middle of completing several very large projects and she could not afford to have Gwen walk out.  How did this happened?  Why did she quit?  Sara was trying to analyze what was going on with Gwen.  I suggested to Sara that it was not about Gwen.  Her front office position has exploded at least four times that I was aware of.

This made her changed her focus and look at the front office to see what was causing people to up and leave.  She saw intuitively that her front office looked like an energy dump.  Everything landed there.  Unconsciously it had become the place where every communication, problem or task not owned by another staff person landed.  Everyone assumed the front would pick up the slack, be there when others were not, field all the calls, respond to client problems for everyone,  keep a watchful eye on everything, etc.

When the energy built up it exploded and the person in the front walked out.  In the end, Sara called Gwen to come back with a plan to protect the front office as it was important part of the business.

This story is not unusual.  For Sara’s company it was the front office.  In your company it may be another but in general it is the person or place where all the energy lands and responsibilities pile up.  No matter how capable someone is and willing to take it on, everyone is sensitive to energy.  When the energy level is too great it is a natural instinct to get away from it.  We all do this all the time. Paying attention to the place where most of the energy lands in your business is critical to your success because when it explodes it affects everything.

It is easy not notice the energy building up because the person handling it is typically very capable, responsible, willing to handling more and more.  Because this is what we want from this person we don’t see what is happening.  When it explodes, it  does not have to do with them.  It has to do with the amount of energy, attention and responsibility put into one place.  Energy is real.

Take the time to sit quietly and notice where the energy falls in your business.  Who is catching the most energy even if they are trying to be responsible and handle it all?  Decide what you can do to de-energize that place or position because it is a valuable part of your success.  You will be glad you did.

Best wishes on your success,


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