Moral Capitalism Begins Within

Moral capitalism is a growing trend in the culture of business.  Are you inclined in this way?  Does it matter?

Last night I heard an interview with Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.  He indicated that Starbucks embrace the concepts of moral capitalism as they continue their enormous success.  For them this means success that is shared.  Steven Young, the Global Executive Director of Caux Round Table, an international network of business executives, defines moral capitalism in his recent book, Moral Capitalism, as Reconciling Private Interest with the Public Good.  Some of his recommendations include: tell the truth, follow the law and ethical decision-making.

As an intuitive I see this trend is very much in sync with the energy shift on the planet from success at any cost, having the most, being better than, self-serving, being on top, etc.  You get the picture.  The new trend in business is more aligned to what we value.  For each of us that is different.  Moral capitalism is not just for large corporations.  It begins with each of us and how we approach our lives and our work.  What do you value?  Are your actions aligned to this?  My experience is most of us don’t give this much thought.  In this way we support what is – the old corporate model that no longer functions.

To be part of this change toward moral capitalism take the time to know where you are, what you value and how you want that to manifest.  This awareness is not in your mind. It is not logical. It comes from a deeper part of who you are. To find this take the time to meditate or simply find a place of quiet to go within and become aware of what you value in your life, success and work.  How do you see this in relationship to family, community, country, world, etc..

When you know how you want to be in the world then consciously begin to be that.  In this way you are part of the change you are looking for around you.  Moral capitalism does not start with large corporations.  When each of us sets our energy and our space to what we value and others do the same we create a powerful group agreement.  As this energy grows by more and more business owners and professionals vibrating at what they value then a shift in energy occurs, a tipping point, and a new culture of business is created.  Be part of the change you envision by being conscious and aware in your own space.

Take the time to be centered in what you value.

Best wishes on your success,  Kay

Check out Caux Round Table principles.  What do you think?

Learn more about meditation as a way to be clear in our thinking.


2 thoughts on “Moral Capitalism Begins Within

  1. Very well written, Kay. You “hit the nail on the head” describing where our culture is today no only in business but through out America. I was raised in a time where morality was who you were. I leared early you don’t have to defend the truth.
    Les Eddy


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