Your Staff. Your Success.

I worked with Kathy, an established business owner, to increase her sales by 30% last year.  This may be seem like an ambitious goal in this economy but only if you look at everything logically.  Kathy values her intuition and knows how to be aware of when it is time to create change.  She owns a staffing company and soon after we began working together she received a contract to staff a large national corporation’s new local technology center.  Kathy was beyond thrilled.  This looked to be a big step in achieving her financial goals for the year.

Shortly after contract began Kathy saw they were not attracting enough professionals for the positions needed to be filled.  That did not make sense for a region hit hard by unemployment.  She was concerned because she had a short time frame to staff the facility before its opening.

When we looked at this intuitively I saw that her staff were worried and I saw it affecting this project.  I explained to her that everyone in the company has an impact on its success so being aware how our staff were perceiving and reacting was important.

I saw intuitively that her staff were concerned that they could not handle the schedule of appointments and all the related work.  It was more at one time than they were used to so unconsciously they were slowing down the energy to a level that was comfortable and familiar.  This is tough for a business focused on growing.  When we decide to increase sales, income,etc. it means that everyone has to get out of their comfort zone and all change.

We decided to set up a meeting with  her staff to talk about the project and change the energy so it would be a success.  First we discussed their plans for managing the increased workload.  They had a plan.  Then we discussed their fears, i.e. they would have to work long hours, have more work than they could handle.  Finally we did a meditation designed to clear the energy and thoughts that may get in the way of this project being a success.  Everyone became aware of their owns thoughts and used meditation to clear their thinking then to visualize working together for success.

As you might expect after that meeting everything seemed to start moving forward, the energy was moving.   The project was intense and a lot of work.  The staff felt the meditation more than anything gave them a way clear their thinking and be grounded to succeed.

The staffing turned out well, on time and on budget.  Kathy fully expects this success will help her create more and achieve her goals.

As a business intuitive I work with business owners to be aware of their staff and how to work with them to keep the energy moving, to clear thinking that may get in the way and to be in agreement to achieve goals together.

Best wishes on your success,


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