What are you being?


One of my clients called.  She is feeling the urge to create change.  She wanted to change her business, her relationship, etc. From her perspective she named several things that were a problem and not working.  From my perspective there were no problems.  Kathy simply needed to come back to her center.  She was not being herself and had lost sight of what they was.

Rather than being herself she found that she was reacting to people, clients, work, family, etc.  Kathy had become a reaction to everything around her or all she could do is see everything and everyone as a problem. She had lost her space and her sense of herself.  She was not being Kathy.

Kathy was asking about decisions she felt she needed to make and make now!  As an intuitive I saw it differently.  She did not need to make any decisions.  She needed to get her space back.  Once that happened I knew things would unfold for her without having to make any decisions.  She could simple follow her vision.

Her next step was to stop, meditate or simply find a quiet time to reflect and come back to herself.  She needed to find her sense of herself, how she sees herself, what she values, her passions and what she wants to create.  It is not a coincidence that Kathy is feeling this way right now.  We are all in a natural cycle, ending a year and starting anew.  She is right in sync.

Once Kathy finds her space and her sense of herself (which may take several meditations) she will not see everything as a problem and will instead be focused on how she is being in each moment.  That of itself will manifest a different reality for her, one that she desires.

If you find your life out of sorts, it may mean that you have simply lost your space.  Take the time to meditate and find yourself.  It will change everything.


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