Manifesting the small stuff!


The art of manifesting is as simple as having a clear vision.  This sounds easy and it can be.  Most often we focus on what we don’t have, i.e. can’t manifest a relationship, a job, money, health, etc.  There are reasons for this that do not diminish our ability to manifest.  It is the small things that remind us that we can manifest what we want.

My husband and I go to movies a lot because we are in the production business.  Earlier this week we pulled into the parking lot of our local theater and saw cars driving in circles fighting for parking spaces.   I watched us immediately buy into the notion that there are no parking spaces, it will take us forever, etc.  and so it did take us forever to find a parking space.  Ugh!

Yesterday we headed to another movie but this time my husband decided not to match the group agreement  that there is no parking instead he decided to create his vision of finding parking without effort.   He imagined that we would pull into the lot.  Go to the second floor.  All the cars in front of us would go right and we would turn left and immediately find a parking space in the first or second space.  Off we went with this vision in mind.

We pulled into the lot.  There was once again lots of cars.  We drove to the second floor.  All the cars in front of us turned right.  We turned left and saw a woman and her daughter walking.  We asked if she was leaving.  She said yes and pointed to the car in the second space.  Yahoo!

After we parked my husband sat for a moment to reflect on what just happened.  In his vision he had seen the mother and child.  A coincidence?  Not at all.  We do it all the time when we consciously decide how we want something to be and can see it clearly in our mind’s eye.

Try this yourself.  Take the time to visualize or see in your mind’s eye how you image an event going then watch that vision unfold.  Try it with small stuff to recognize the ability then try it with something that has more charge or challenge to it.  Let me know your comments.

Best wishes on your success!

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